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  1. By far one of the best scripts I have used. I've been botting through multiple sights for the better part of almost 10 years now. This is incredible and would highly recommend to anyone pondering it. after trying the trial. I can say im very pleased and will likely be purchasing. My only complaint is this script seems to have a grudge if it dies. It will go back to pick up items upon death, even if it doesn't have proper supplies to do the kill efficiently and safely it will proceed to try and "finish" (restarts a new instance of Zul) It managed to barely kill said Zul in that instance(mentioning because it may loop if it keeps dying?) Haven't tried to test but figured I would mention. Will report anymore findings if they arise. Worthy, you're name definitely proceeds you. Thanks again for the time and effort you've dumped into this script to achieve this level of efficiency, it doesn't go unnoticed!
  2. Not sure if still relevant but contributing regardless. will post more later if I get the time. Xmouse_data-477317-1562776656284.dat Xmouse_data-477317-1562779066357.dat
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