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  1. Lifes work? Lol... if that's someones lifes work, thats pretty sad. There's plenty in life to be worried about, a game shouldn't be it. That said, pointless to let something good going to waste. All that wasted time supporting a product.
  2. Seems odd that you’re not willing to pass this off to someone else in the community or turn it open source / free after abandoning all of those who supported you. Seems like a slap in the face.
  3. Would you be open to letting another take it over?
  4. Hey Fal, Tested numerous times, Grand Tree Quest when returning to The Grand Tree from Karamja with the Lumber Order, it gets stuck at the gate. It should talk to Femi and pay 1k coins but does not even open dialogue with her. You may want to check your mission there and modify that piece, if i manually do it, it runs through no issue though
  5. Also I believe there's a bug in running zulrah in such that if your ring of wealth runs out of charges, and you're using the indicators plugin enabled on osbuddy, the bot hangs. Found this to be the case with nDragons from Naton as well in troubleshooting with him.
  6. That's what i'm saying, that's primitive.... You should be able to run your Mule's on other computers if you wanted. Client / Server design. nScripting has a version like this which works great.
  7. Is there a way to setup the Muler to run on a separate PC/IP from the bots?
  8. Super Combat Portion (4) x 1 Games Necklace (8) x1 + Alternatives listed Looting Bag Now 16 Lobsters, but when i previously would fill all empty slots (25) it would throw that error. Did it at 20 as well. Happens on nCrab randomly too.
  9. Also - i cannot explain it as there's nothing in the client debug, but while at Clan Wars, randomly the bot walks back and forth from chest to portal. It does not ALWAYS do this, but its pretty frequent this loop starts. I'm PMing you the debug as I'm truly not sure if there's anything sensitive in it (player names etc).
  10. Would be easier to have them use the EXE to install Tribot... It includes openJDK and no longer requires a lot of the above
  11. I found an odd bug where when i select load inventory, it says it cannot have more than 28 items, and when i put stuff back in the bank, and pull less out, it loads. I notice this same issue occasionally happens with nCrab as well, i'm assuming some kind of a check for counting that is counting possibly items worn as well? [20:11:49] Starting client. [20:11:53] Downloading script 'nGreen Dragon Killer'. [20:12:00] Script Started: nGreen Dragon Killer. [20:12:00] [Info] Please remember, make sure to try deleting hooks and restarting the client x2 if you are experiencing issues with the script. This must be done before submitting a bug report. [20:12:00] [Info] Additionally, make sure 'Use hook storage' is disabled in your tribot settings. [20:12:00] [Info] Enable remove-roofs in the game settings to ensure the script can properly travel, and make sure you are not zoomed in past the default camera level. [20:12:00] [Info] Please disable all plugins in your looking glass client. These can cause scripts to malfunction because they change the game client. [20:12:00] [nGreen Dragon Killer] nScript support discord: https://discord.gg/RKRJTzV [20:12:00] Disabled all randoms. [20:12:04] [Info] Invalid entry, cannot have over 28 items [20:12:05] [Info] Invalid entry, cannot have over 28 items [20:12:05] [Info] Invalid entry, cannot have over 28 items [20:12:05] [Info] Invalid entry, cannot have over 28 items [20:12:05] [Info] Invalid entry, cannot have over 28 items [20:12:06] [Info] Invalid entry, cannot have over 28 items [20:12:35] [nGreen Dragon Killer] Unique preference profile successfully generated, seed: 3237578373674 (D********ts) [20:12:35] [nGreen Dragon Killer] Session data tracker launched [20:12:35] Enabled all randoms. [20:12:35] [Debug] Set timed actions: [Check exp, Random right click, Move mouse, Rotate camera, Pick up mouse, Mouse leave game, Examine entity, Check tabs] [20:12:35] java.lang.IllegalStateException: Inventory setup exceeds 28 items [20:12:35] at scripts.napi.framework.actions.general_actions.misc.j.G(InvSetup.java:228) [20:12:35] at scripts.napi.framework.actions.general_actions.misc.j.<init>(InvSetup.java:44) [20:12:35] at scripts.dragon_killer.actions.gear.u.<init>(SetupInventoryWrapper.java:20) [20:12:35] at scripts.dragon_killer.NDragonKiller.i(NDragonKiller.java:244) [20:12:35] at scripts.napi.framework.NScript.run(NScript.java:650) [20:12:35] at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:748) [20:12:35] [Debug] Script ending [20:12:35] [nGreen Dragon Killer] Printing session statistics... [20:12:35] [nGreen Dragon Killer] nGreen Dragon Killer [20:12:35] [nGreen Dragon Killer] Runtime: 00:00:37 [20:12:35] [nGreen Dragon Killer] Loot: 0 (0/hr) [20:12:35] [nGreen Dragon Killer] Deaths: 0 (0/hr) [20:12:35] [nGreen Dragon Killer] Death Loss: ~0 (~0/hr) [20:12:35] [Session Tracker] Data updated successfully [20:12:35] Script Ended: nGreen Dragon Killer.
  12. Do you think you could add Viggora's Chainmace ether recharging? Since this is a wildy boss, the chainmace when charged up increases accuracy by 50% + damage boost. It's also a lvl 60 atk weapon so it lets people jump into this at a lower level.
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