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  1. Which RS client? Check this thread out if you haven't already https://tribot.org/forums/topic/75094-the-complete-guide-to-looking-glass/?do=findComment&comment=872089
  2. the timeout time for an instance is apparently 30 minutes so yeah. when it happens again, you can try terminate any old instances from here https://tribot.org/repository/index.php/user_panel/instance_manager/ won't fix your client crashing of course but hopefully can reduce your waiting time
  3. Try disabling "Use system titlebar and borders" under OSBuddy client settings if you happen to have that enabled.
  4. once you click start script and choose a script to start there's a dropdown menu where you choose what account from your account manager to use the script with. it should just login automatically while your script is downloaded and you're taken to it's respective GUI - if any. sorry if that's not what you meant.
  5. can't log into an rs client or tribot? might sound obvious but you didn't really give much info, have you tried re-downloading client? maybe you somehow deleted more than you should have could you restore what you deleted if it's still in recycle bin just to confirm if it works again once restored?
  6. rename osbuddy.zip to osbuddy.jar then try with that RuneLite and jagex client don't work right now with LG afaik RuneLite support is hopefully coming back soon
  7. Hello, I am finally no longer experiencing this issue ^^ I initially nuked any trace of OSBuddy/Tribot/any rs client I had and re-downloaded the .jar's and tried again. I also tried reinstalling JDK 102 and 112 (the recommended versions for LG) but with no luck. I am currently using JDK8 update 221 (64-bit) - not sure if this is a factor. I eventually found the problem to be a setting in OSBuddy. "Use system titlebar and borders" under Client settings. I guess I had turned this on at some point when I started getting this issue. When on, TriBot hooks into OSBuddy but is unable to click. When toggled off, TriBot can hook into OSBuddy and the clicking issue is no longer present. Sometimes need to restart OSBuddy when enabling/disabling this setting but otherwise I can consistently click when setting is off and can't click with setting on. Seems safe to say that this was the problem, at least for me. I hope this helps anyone else who also experiences this issue ^^ tagging people that I've read have the same issue I think: @jnvl2 @IDontActuallyLift @cass2186 @Louis @SlarkenTV @carrynoob123 Cheers
  8. Is anyone able to shine some light on this issue? I have been unable to get a hold of Fluffee, I think he's a busy guy. I have been unable to use TriBot for the past 6 days because of this issue and I can see my subscription/activation time for all my purchases just ticking away... (no way to pause that is there?).
  9. My mistake, it's not a .rar. Same thing though, change the .zip extension to .jar. As in right click and rename the file in windows explorer. If you can't see file extensions then press ALT in windows explorer and click Tools -> Folder Options -> View Tab -> untick "Hide extensions for known file types"
  10. the zip folder is the jar ^^ assuming your .rar contains com, META-INF and resources directories, you can just manually change the .rar extension to .jar ^^
  11. Thank you for the reply. I cleared my temp folder entirely, unfortunately the issue still persists :c
  12. - - - - - - Hello, I am having an issue with TriBot if anyone could help. I am using LG with OSbuddy, JDK 102, Windows 10. Worked fine 3 or so days ago when i last used it. Today (after update) my TriBot client seems unable to left/right click anything. With user input enabled and no script loaded, i can't left/right click anywhere, only move the mouse. Note that a regular client i.e. not via LG can click fine, this issue seems to just be with LG. When I load a script, i don't seem to get any errors but the script eventually afk's out - it seems like it can't send left/right clicks either. interestingly, i have no keyboard input on the OSBuddy client while it is hooked, but i can left/right click within it - just not the TriBot LG client. I am a new TriBot user so forgive me if this is a trivial issue. I have attempted to search the forums high and wide but to no avail (the wait time between searches is infuriating but I understand). I have read many FAQs that I found but none seem to describe my issue. I see a lot of people having black screen LG issues after the recent update but that's not quite the issue i'm having but maybe related. I have tried many generic solutions such as deleting hooks.dat file, jagex_cl_oldschool_LIVE.dat file and jagex cache directory etc. with no luck. Any help with this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  13. Follow this guide if you haven't already. I did quite recently and LG with OSBuddy works fine for me now.
  14. Xmouse_data-476957-1563076450106.dat
  15. New member here. just wanted to say really well made script man, thanks. Will be checking out your other stuff for sure.
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