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  1. I was thinking going to pay for membership when i have 60 base stats in f2p. You are right there will be days i will play by hand i.e farm runs, questing etc.
  2. Since Jagex keeps denying my recovery request I thought about to bot an account from scratch all over again. its currently f2p and I have 50 attack 40 strength botted up right now. I want to make this account a main account and probaly try and bot all my skills (including p2p later) How should I approach this and what do you guys do when you bot on your main? Greets, Lawine
  3. Ah thanks, I was wondering already if something had happened
  4. Hey its been a long time that I used Tribot and i recently bought vip status and i was wondering why there are no VIP scripts in the repository, any help with this? It changed alot since the last time I used. cheers
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