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  1. Hi guys! So first I haven't searched for previous posts (which I do normally to be honest) and I feel there are most likely a few on this topic. I have seen one before that a comment pointed me towards dreambot and I am using their service at the moment. If this isn't a total pointless repeat and it does get approved by a mod, well here we go I haven't played runescape in years because I one day got blocked from my account and jadex's awful recovery system wouldn't allow me to recover my years of hard work. So now playing again I am botting to give myself a decent headstart. Coming across botting sites I found TRIbot first and after I was disheartened by the 3 day 2 hour policy I moved to dreambot. What i'd like to say is after I realized the 2 hour 3 day way this operates through all the sites I used after I still found here to be the best, cleanest, user friendly service. Given the philosophical nature of botting, what TRI offers in it's 2 hour use between 3 days I think is very ineffective, I run my own company myself and understand a bit about advertising and how to draw customers in, TRI has fantastic service from the staff running it to the most basic scripter, you all deserve to be subsidised for your work but I feel your current model is ineffective using a free thus basic bot and then finding I can't use that bot for 3 days doesn't allow me to see good potential and from that considering getting premium bots, your free scripts are the best around for sure but the system of paying for vip to use free bots and then considering premium given the always possibility you could be banned and loose your progress doesn't instill confidence to risk paying for your service from 2 hours of experience. My suggestion is to separate your free bots to a non vip and vip state, where new members can use certain free scripts unlimited or you increase the trial period from 2 hours to possibly 24. I was at the start happy to consider paying for premium and vip status, but I was instantly turned off when I realized I couldn't experience multiple scripts and gain a feel. To be honest I am expecting to be told to fuck off, but I'd like to suggest this anyway thanks for your time!
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