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  1. As I said, I've pretty much done everything to practice safe botting. I only ran 5 accounts for 12 hours a day. I have 3 different mules that all look like legit players considering they all have barrows gloves and many 99's. I did not sell gold recently. If anyone wants to ask me anything I can be reached @ Infibot.bamf on skype. I will not give away lists. Happy botting. This script and others have earned me a $3,000 gaming setup so I am not frustrated in the slightest with the bans I received. I lasted very long edit: 2,500$ setup
  2. A lot of bans using TAU grand exchange. Lost around 100M-200M total. I definitely turned a profit using the script (bots lasted a long time). Don't know if unlucky or if Jagex is catching on to GE bots. Always bot with caution.
  3. Yes, I was probably just unlucky to receive the amount of bans that I had. I used proxies and practiced every suggestion from Trilez's post about safe botting. Bans are gonna happen, I know its not the scripts fault. Good luck to all
  4. wheres my feedback, you promised.
  5. Weak as f***.
  6. Must be willing to use my proxy through Maxthon web browser. Post your prices here. Add my skype: Infibot.Bamf From Fresh level 3's, including tutorial island. 250K + Bond will be provided. You go first unless decently vouched or we can use a MM.
  7. add my skype, interested in 2 host accounts. Infibot.Bamf
  8. lmao shutup n buy me stoof
  9. I gotchu homie
  10. WE are helping some random person get another random persons account banned
  11. Petty crime, welcome back.
  12. <--- Edit: Helped him solve whatever issue he was having.
  13. waiting for looking glass to be flawless then ill probably be purchasing this
  14. Probably very easily detectable by "the system" . But also probably not detectable. Nobody knows. I would consider it a risky venture.
  15. Get 30 people to deposit 20m, exit scam 600M... not a bad tactic. Jk, well only sort of. Good luck with your business!