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  1. I used jdk-8u221-windows-x64 and it worked before. Now got the error 'No Runescape Client Was Found'. Used new tribot (4.0.4) with error. Older one works, but not the latest. Something wrong now? How do I fix? EDIT: It seems like a VPS problem, because I can run well on my main desktop (windows).
  2. Thanks! That would save me. I really need this after a lot of wasted time. I'm glad to beta test for you. Keep us posted. Thanks!
  3. It's not multi client, although I normally don't have problems with multi client before. This is what the OP said in his forum:
  4. My paint delay is 0 by default in File > Settings
  5. 2 fps!! It is at 2. It's suppose to be 29 to 35 which is my norm. My PC should handle any script.
  6. Hi, Can someone tweak the script to make it run better? It is laggy. I can provide account, and can pay. This is the one: Open source: https://github.com/Boethig/Tribot/tree/master/POHplanks
  7. Yes, I open multi OSbuddy clients, and add up 2 tabs in tribot. If I open another tribot, I think that would increase the GHz use.
  8. Before the scripts used to load properly. Like a battle script would load a list of nearby monsters. Now it's blank. I wonder what. Edit: Maybe just me but I open up two LG instance. When I tab to the other LG it will show, then the prior one will show. This is weird bug, need fix.
  9. For some reason it will be blank items at times.
  10. Stuck on rat huntin'. It doesn't know how to open the door out. kkkkkkkk Edit: got banned the next day, and I use a lot of scripts over the months. I don't know about codes, but you should learn: deviation.
  11. they got no chin scripts?
  12. Omg, now I know the answer. Must select jdk, instead of jre at the login. I hear complaints about this. I am resilient.
  13. I must use the latest tribot (v10.20.2). Screen says 'You must run Tribot using the Java JDK in order to use Looking Glass'. I used JDK 8u221 x64 which worked on the older Tribot. What do I really need this time?
  14. I need to try 64 bit, how do I get 64?
  15. I bot for a fixed amount within several hours. However now I want to hand play which is chinning skeletons. Safe to do this 15 hours straight with some breaks?
  16. I have a random question. Your script seems to run for 5-10 hours without lag, is there a reason for that? Is the RAM use very low or something? I been using other mostly free scripts and they eventually lag on LG, so I restart them again every 1.5 hours.
  17. Cannoning dags isn't very afk with the scripts. Any suggestions?
  18. dividendz

    LG Black Screen

    For now, I use browser called PaleMoon 32 bit instead of OSbuddy. With PaleMoon, I have to manually uninstall reinstall per use, but it's faster than OSbuddy. Also WaterFox may work:
  19. DAMN, PaleMoon is way smoother than OSbuddy. I use the older TriBot suggested by Trilez:
  20. LG works on my main desktop (windows), but blackout screen on my VPS. It was flawless on my VPS before.
  21. Hello, According to https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Blast_Furnace, I used the lightness outfit with stamina potions, and ice gloves. the average is 5000 to 5100 steel bars per hour. I only produced less than 1800 an hour in the trial. Is this normal?
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