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  1. I need to try 64 bit, how do I get 64?
  2. I bot for a fixed amount within several hours. However now I want to hand play which is chinning skeletons. Safe to do this 15 hours straight with some breaks?
  3. I have a random question. Your script seems to run for 5-10 hours without lag, is there a reason for that? Is the RAM use very low or something? I been using other mostly free scripts and they eventually lag on LG, so I restart them again every 1.5 hours.
  4. Cannoning dags isn't very afk with the scripts. Any suggestions?
  5. dividendz

    LG Black Screen

    For now, I use browser called PaleMoon 32 bit instead of OSbuddy. With PaleMoon, I have to manually uninstall reinstall per use, but it's faster than OSbuddy. Also WaterFox may work:
  6. DAMN, PaleMoon is way smoother than OSbuddy. I use the older TriBot suggested by Trilez:
  7. LG works on my main desktop (windows), but blackout screen on my VPS. It was flawless on my VPS before.
  8. Hello, According to https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Blast_Furnace, I used the lightness outfit with stamina potions, and ice gloves. the average is 5000 to 5100 steel bars per hour. I only produced less than 1800 an hour in the trial. Is this normal?
  9. Hey, he asked where do you get this info? Is there a Discord? Link?
  10. I was about to post the same thread about this. Same problem here.
  11. What are the PC spec requirements to run 1 looking glass (w/ osbuddy for me) I have : 2.2GHz 2GB RAM It can run, but later in the day it looks very choppy with the FPS. I use VPS. I think 3 or 4 GB RAM would solve the problem?
  12. I think there's a bug. When I ran it, there is a constant camera spin when resetting aggression, so I had to rerun it. It happened on 2 different accounts, and the hooks.dat and the jagex cache was already deleted. https://pastebin.com/AiggT7ci
  13. I was on trial, but don't see the GUI anywhere to set it. I started script near Rimmington portal with only a note of bones. Idle.
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