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  1. What is the diffrence between my services. i Need em for Runescape botting, proxy. 3 accounts pr ip max Premium Private Proxy & VPN 5usd (3) - Premium Private Proxy 12usd Can you tell me what do do exactly. the 5$ product seems good for... because i cant figure out what ips i can take to put into my bot. are they in the vps contol panel??
  2. [14:37:43] java.lang.NullPointerException [14:37:43] at scripts.miner2.jc.I(BankHandler.java:1299) [14:37:43] at scripts.miner2.jc.k(BankHandler.java:443) [14:37:43] at scripts.miner2.jc.A(BankHandler.java:110) [14:37:43] at scripts.miner2.z.L(Motherlode.java:137) [14:37:43] at scripts.miner2.Main.B(Main.java:334) [14:37:43] at scripts.miner2.Main.run(Main.java:187) [14:37:43] at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source) I had this error today. I just xed the client and opened again and it worked.... But now i am sitting here wondering what it was Aropupu`? Btw. for thoese who says thay have been banned. --- **i ONLY USE V2 NOT V3 YET** I have been running this script for 1-2 months with only two bans. (I am pretty sure i got flagged. by choosing for example 6 deposit with only 3 desposit enabled on the account or upper lvl without the requirements. - so thats somehow my own fault.) . i have botttet over 500mil in mlm with this script. still have 8-9 accounts 85+ mining. I doesnt change in my ABC2 deays -1-2-3-4-5 i just keep it on one of them. The only thing that never got me banned was.... when i forgot putting the script stop function on.. so my oppunion. - Be carefull when you setup ur script... (IMPORTANT if you run multi clients.) When you hover to the next client, the script your start will be the same as the last one, exept if you load or change it yourself. and THEN that client now has the last saved Aminer profile.
  3. It is only with the new Beta client it dosent work i just figured.
  4. I was using custom path. i forgot that, but now i chose not to. And tryed to delete the TRiBot-11.0.8 jar in the folder you mentoined, but nothng worked, it wont start more than one accont, and it dosent even start it yea.. Hmm
  5. And even with a bot open and using the client starter it wants me to login.. it remnembers my userlogin detains but yea..
  6. I already did that, its using my username and password. It wants me to tru the login screen everytime. no mather what i do.
  7. TRiBot is now working. but I have to login everytime i run a User thru the client starter... and then it doesnt run the script. so somthing is wrong yea.,
  8. Has been working fine for me sisnce today. When i run via the client starter it Opens up the TRiBot Login and wants me to login in everytime now, and then it dosent run either the script or the user i pick. For example i use the script "Login" .. but it dosent do anything.
  9. I am trying that now sir. i hope the 3-4 minutes of script messing a bit. Wont trigger an. Ban. Havent got one in many months.
  10. In the new Openbeta version. Resize function is working. IS THAT SAFE???? . the fixed client is messing with the script because the buttom is missing Like that.. and then the script only works if i drag the window bigger from one of the corners.... https://imgur.com/I0gpjNm
  11. When i open the Tribot and start "Aminer v2" on my account. The script is missclicks alot - (fixed screen sixe ingame) So therfore i have to grab the corner of the window and make it a little bigger.. so there is black corners around the game if you get me. I can take the resize function and it helps. but i usually bot with fixed enabled insted. But i wanna make sure what to do to avoid a stupid ban for example.
  12. Also before that sir
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