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  1. This has been awesome for me recently. Would love to use this w/ the script queue (b/c it doesn't do purchasing on the GE). Does it implement script arguments, and if so, what are the argument names? Cheers!
  2. That sounds great! I'm curious, do you get better ban rates w/ more camera movement? One thing I did notice w/ your woodcutter is that the camera is often turned such that the player is obfuscated and you're staring at a wall, which I feel no human would ever do. How effective is improving camera movement as a vector for human imitation?
  3. The script is bugged, I am having null pointer exceptions two minutes after starting the script now.
  4. Anti-ban feature suggestion: if you're fishing and you level up, you should dismiss the level up message before starting (or pausing then continuing) then anti-ban sleep. Normal players click out of these congratulatory messages and certainly do not wait over a minute to click out of them; the bot should reproduce this behaviour. This anti-ban sleep also occurs when the "You can't carry any more fish" message comes up. This message should be clicked away before starting the sleep. This aside, I'm enjoying the trial so far. I think I also noticed that the bot did not click out of the world switcher after using it. This is all in F2P, btw, in case that's relevant.
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