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  1. Script worked great for 3 accounts but now the script starts and then doesn't do anything at all... if i log it out it will log me back in which tells me its working in some form
  2. yeah i dont bot on my main which i play legitimately without a vpn... I use the mouse recorder to simply press the pause script on the tribot client and then when the idle logs me out another recording will kick in after 15-20 mins that unpauses the recording and thgen the script login bog will log me back in and continue the script. That sounds right from a jagex point of view but that will only work for a soft ban as perm bans cant be appealed.
  3. I use looking glass and expressvpn and make sure I behave like a player, I use the ABC settings and I mainly use scripts that have micro break options or create my own micro breaks using a mouse recorder by pausing the script every 4 hours and then let the bot log me back in and continue got 2 accounts to 99 agility, 80 slayer, 92 runecraft, 95 hunter and 99 firemaking ... just be smart and take it steady
  4. Haha woops didnt even see i forgot to cut the username out ah well its only a trial account ... fps is jumping between 42-50, do you mean tabs as in the LG tabs for instances? thanks
  5. Thanks, much appreciated... i used your agility script to get two accounts to 99 agility so i know how good they are awesome work
  6. I know this has already been mentioned but is the brimhaven agility bug a Dev problem? and if so is there anyway we can be kept up to date with the ticket? thanks
  7. There's not many settings to show lol you've kept it simple which i like a lot, so i ran it alongside another bot that was running on something totally different and he ran to the east and planted one crop, then watched it die and planted another and then repeated ... I have opened up a new tribot to get the client and bot debug for you but it appears to be working so far, however he has tricked me before by getting about 60 fruit then stopping so I will keep an eye on it; could it be the other bot running on the same tribot thats messing with it? its a nmz bot btw.... thanks
  8. seems very intermittent, I am trying to run on three instances and they all seem to run into different problems... heres some I have noticed. Bot will get stuck after refilling the first watering cans bot will plant one seed then let it die and repeat bot will change worlds due to competition but proceed to plant in someone else patch causing unhappy players bot will just get stuck when it enters the minigame I have cleared hooks and cache, disabled firewall and had no luck
  9. Brilliant, thanks for replying quickly and sorting those issues yesterday... I tend to clear hooks before i start tribot now anyway so it would have solved itself ... im usingr range atm and im 95 and I am between 95 and 99 in all combat stats (Except prayer which is 75) I have completed all quests and have 4 slow tasks blocked and access to fairy rings etc.. I will unlock the slayer ring and see if that speeds it up as, just out of interest is this your first script? Slayer is notoriously hard to write a script for due to the variables so I'm impressed with how well the script takes everything into account... will there be an option for high slayer masters in the future? Awesome work
  10. Still having the issue at frem caves with the 2 part agility shortcut also there is an issue when buying items at ge automatically it will take items out of bank and prepare the inventory and then deposit all items and repeat (did this for nearly 30 mins before i stepped in and sent it back to edgeville where it corrected itself) Any idea why the xp rates are so low? I'm getting 8k an hour and had pretty decent tasks? Thanks
  11. First of all... well done, I have looked everywhere for an advanced slayer script and yet to find one with as much flexibility as this, all seems to be running well except for one issue I've seen, when navigating to turoths it attempted the agility shortcut in frem slayer cave; completed the first part but then stood there for maybe 30 seconds then teleported to edge and ran back via fairy ring (did this twice until the glory was empty then stood waiting in between the shortcuts again)... could maybe add a fail-safe for agility shortcuts so that it exits and runs around if the action is stopped. What happens if vanaka gives a slayer task in edgeville dungeon, atm I'm in full armadyll but wary of leaving the script in case he gets a sudden urge to enter wildy haha thanks... well done on the script bro its epic
  12. this script stops after one inventory with no option to continue... any fix or where to go for refund please
  13. noted, get higher fishing (never done aerial thought i would give it a crack) thanks... is there anyway to reduce the delay between clicks? some other scripts ive used you can reduce delays by adjusting mouse speed, abc delay or afk hovering? if not its not an issue more then happy with the xp getting elsewhere using this script
  14. Any advice for aerial fishing? very slow xp (5k fishing per hour) and i think this is mainly due to the script not being fast enough to identify the fishing spots before they move.. is there any way to shorten the delay not sure whether its abc or just a delay in identifying the spot movements; Cheers.
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