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  1. this script stops after one inventory with no option to continue... any fix or where to go for refund please
  2. noted, get higher fishing (never done aerial thought i would give it a crack) thanks... is there anyway to reduce the delay between clicks? some other scripts ive used you can reduce delays by adjusting mouse speed, abc delay or afk hovering? if not its not an issue more then happy with the xp getting elsewhere using this script
  3. Any advice for aerial fishing? very slow xp (5k fishing per hour) and i think this is mainly due to the script not being fast enough to identify the fishing spots before they move.. is there any way to shorten the delay not sure whether its abc or just a delay in identifying the spot movements; Cheers.
  4. I may just delete everything that has a J from my laptop and redo all the steps one by one... great guide though, was lost in information about LG till i saw this! Absolute lifesaver.
  5. ??? my apologies for the debug spam... if followed your guide to the letter to get the LG up and running in the first place and the only thing that has changed is osbuddy saying this morning to reload due to OSRS update ... when i reloaded this is what im faced with ? just want that 99 agility hahah
  6. My looking glass has been working great the past couole of days and then today (maybe due to osrs update) when i load lookimg glass it keeps repeating the same java script over and over for about 5 minutes and then just a blank screen... ive tried uninstalling jdk (ad all java) and osbuddy and also installing the cross platform osbuddy but nothing as of yet....
  7. Looking glass is hooking onto OS Buddy absolutely fine, Ive set the script to do a seers village rooftop course and he will perform the first ap great, then he will climb the first obstacle and just stand there. Even if i manually click the next obstacle he will climb it and then continue to stand there afterwards not doing anything... I've only got the trial but I had an issue with another script that i purchased and everyone told me to test them in future before purchase. Thanks Edit* On the secnd lap he just delays more than the first to click, is there any way to reduce the clicking time as i think its very suspicious just standing there for too long? thanks second edit* The script isn't picking up marks of grace, I have stopped the script and made sure the option is ticked but the character is running the course as if they aren't there which is very suspicious if any mods are watching etc any help with the clicking delay and MOG I would really appreciate it. thanks
  8. I purchased your script today and my character is going to the bank fine and getting inside the altar but then they just stand there and the cursor occasionally moves around when i manually click the altar the script kicks back in and the character heads back to the bank... is this the issue mentioned? and anymore news?
  9. I've loaded the client and logged on onto the Tribot interface perfect, I've loaded in the script and the character will run to bank and load up on essence and will travel to the chosen altar but the second they walk in they just stand there and the mouse doesn't click on the altar but the cursor will move around every now and again... when i manually click the altar and he crafts all the runes he then runs back to bank... any help? thanks in advance
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