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  1. No problem! I understand that people are busy with their lives. I just ended up switching the type of head to achieve the level I wanted
  2. When using Necromancy, I cannot bot ensouled chaos druid heads. The menu says that it is "withdrawing items" from the bank, but the bot ends up just doing nothing. It does walk to the bank, however. Minotaur heads worked for me though.
  3. Thank you. I appreciate the quick response. Also, just wanted to say that this script is amazing. Really high quality and for anyone that is reading this - don't hesitate on buying it.
  4. The script won't teleport me out of the chest room using Barrow's Teleport option. Any ideas?
  5. Maybe I'm just bad at reading and it's already been addressed, but the bot won't switch weapons/spells when necessary in battle. I really like the script. I was just curious as to why this isn't happening or how I can fix it. Thanks! Yep, I'm just bad at reading lol. I'll try to get it to work before coming back with anymore questions about it.
  6. [22:41:16] Script Started: USA Crafter. [22:41:27] We are making Sapphire ring at Al Kharid Furnace [22:41:33] java.lang.InternalError: Malformed class name [22:41:33] at java.lang.Class.getSimpleName(Class.java:1330) [22:41:33] at scripts.usa.api.x.a.<init>(VolatileRunnable.java:10) [22:41:33] at scripts.usa.api.antiban.v.<init>(ABC.java:589) [22:41:33] at scripts.usa.api.antiban.w.C(ABC.java:568) [22:41:33] at scripts.usa.api.antiban.w.C(ABC.java:549) [22:41:33] at scripts.usa.api2007.c.a.C(Entity.java:79) [22:41:33] at scripts.usa.api2007.c.a.C(Entity.java:64) [22:41:33] at scripts.crafter.x.v.i(Furnace.java:33) [22:41:33] at scripts.crafter.x.v.C(Furnace.java:27) [22:41:33] at scripts.usa.api.framework.task.TaskScript.run(TaskScript.java:72) [22:41:33] at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:745) Can't craft Sapphire Rings
  7. Romeo and Juliet quest bugs out when talking to Juliet after obtaining the potion. Won't complete the conversation - have to do it manually. Same goes for the conversation with Romeo after giving Juliet the potion.
  8. I understand. I really do like the script and you did a great job on it. I was just disappointed to be ban so quickly when I've used crappy scripts before, for longer. Nonetheless, the ban was probably a result of my own error.
  9. I realize how it works. This isn't my first rodeo. All I'm saying is - premium scripts are no safer than free scripts in my opinion. I've lasted two weeks on a free script suicide botting, but I can't stop my main, whom looks more legit than a fresh account btw, from getting ban with a premium script within a few days?? Anyway, thanks for the input. Wasn't trying to sound snappy in my post.
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