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    17 year old script kiddy, trying to make it big
  1. what pic to do use?
  2. To all, Here is the best book known to man: 30 quid on amazon but a free ebook version here will teach you everything you need to know: http://dfiles.eu/files/9nlhcv9ce enjoy
  3. Thankyou for saving me the effort of walking to aradogunafajsfhaggda
  4. All IDs have changed will update asap
  5. I'm sorry people just tested and its not good at all at the moment, I will work through the night to make this one good for you all.
  6. Good old dijikstra's I learnt that one in high school amazing work again boys!
  7. How did it get stuck please explain? I always run for atleast 8 hours
  8. Peak sorry what pickaxe were you using?
  9. Updated! It should now run away from the swarm. I haven't tested it yet, but i do believe the ID's I used are correct. If it doesn't run away from swarms please get back to me and ill run the bot and wait for a swarm to attack me and then get the ID's that way. Best Wishes, The Funkinator
  10. Ok right 1) open tribot.jar 2) click new client 3) Wait and then click start script 4) Close tribot 5) Go to start and then go to the search bar (windows vista and 7) for windows xp go to run 6) type in %appdata% 7) go to roaming then go to .Tribot then go to bin then go to scripts and put all the scripts in there (.class files) 8) start up tribot and click start script and the script you want should appear. I'll add the anti swarm asap but im currently working on a premium script, ill try and do it within 24hrs Thanks for all the criticism and help! Regards, FunkDawg
  11. I will be releasing a faster update in roughly 3 hours Expect 800 ess p/h
  12. This is a really strange issue. I have tested this script multiple times and it works flawlessly. Does the script genuinley not even attempt to click the rocks, could i have more info so that I can solve it?
  13. Hey mate, I fixed the bank path so it doesnt get stuck south of bank, However I just discovered I am going to have to rewrite a lot of code to make the clicking more instant. I'll hop to it straight away but it may take a day or so! I Implemented this method from 1.0 - 1.5. however I removed it in 1.5 because i find it is not necessary and slows down the script by adding an extra method in. If you simply go to a world with 300+ people in it the door will always stay open due to non-botters (May God have mercy on their souls) always clicking the door to open. I appreciate all your criticisms thank you so much for helping me! EDIT: The script also appears not to be exiting anymore which i am happy with