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  1. Request: I am looking for a private hunter script.Description: Catch Butterflies, Box Traps,Payment Amount: Please discuss this on Discord. I am willing to pay the required amount.Time: ASAPAdditional: Contact me on Discord: Quaz#3987
  2. Is it possible to spoof individual OSBuddy clients with Looking Glass?
  3. Just wondering if bans are possible by matching MAC Addresses from the same computer? Might be a dumb question, but just want to know if that is something I have to worry about.
  4. Request: I need a paid script made to do simple functions of eating and moving to a spot on the map with a anti-ban.Description: I want to keep the idea sort of private but has to do with Clan Wars.Payment Amount: 30$Time: A Few DaysAdditional: Please msg me on discord for further discussion: Quaz#3987
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