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  1. What are the best 1 def range training settings for this bot? Thanks.
  2. xxshotxx

    TRiBot Release 9.305_9

    All combat scripts are not working for me for some reason.
  3. Script does NOT bank after running out of food. Haven't used this script since I bought life-time YEARS ago and it worked flawlessly back then. Not soo much now please fix! Thanks!
  4. For some reason bot will not buy/sell any other items I have added except for items I already have bought in my inventory that have not sold yet. Been like this for ac ouple days now.
  5. My account got banned for sitting idle at lumb castle because bot practically breaks once you die...
  6. Was basically Andrew Gower fucking me anally with a broom tbh.
  7. I didnt make anything , got banned on all accounts. I logged into the account i had the herbs xfered onto. And it got DC'ed and banned.
  8. 5 accounts just got banned using this for 3 days straight. Was kind of odd though because they werent banned until i logged in and then i was D/C'd and banned lol.
  9. Do you have to id the herbs? Haven't botted in a while and about to purchase your script was just curious
  10. Yeah my client is doing the same thing im going to try to run it without lite mode on and see if that helps !