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  1. today when using this script, my client gets very choppy. maybe 3fps or so. when I stop the script everything is fine. was working fine yesterday.
  2. I read the guide you linked me as well as a couple others after your comment. It was very insightful. Like I said in my reply to the other guy here, I haven't played in a decade. I have yet to figure out the go-tos and stay-aways.
  3. So I'm best off starting a new members account, level some other stuff, then bot some money making skills? I haven't played RS in probably over a decade now... Before RS3 even came out, so I need to look into what are good skills to do for dough, and what is least bannable. I just went to WC because that was the OG way to do it back in the day.
  4. I'm having problems with the damn 32/64 bit issue when I click LG. I'm almost positive both are 64 but it's saying one isnt. Prior to tribot I was using another bot and that got banned. Runemate or something I think. That one I bought membership, and before it even activated on the account, it was banned (but I did have it suiciding for 2 days on varrock yews). Lol. If I get one of these up a significant way, I'll try again. But I dont want to start dropping $ on p2p again till I figure out my issue. Also... I showed how much of a noob I am by the +rep comment lol. +rep to you man.
  5. Thanks for the input. I'm not currently running looking glass, because I couldnt get the damn thing to work (I might have to just uninstall everything and try downloading everything again if it actually helps) but most people seem to not use it, so I didnt care. Yes i have the runelite workaround. I open that to login screen, minimize it. Open tribot. Log in and start new instance from there (no LG) and start script. It was just normal trees in west lumbridge. Had it open on my screen the whole time (1.5hrs or so) and nobody was near me the whole time. Very unpopulated area. But yes I was banking, as I currently dont have a main to fund new axes etc. For a while. Yeah it was fresh. I did level my attack and prayer some before I went to the trees. Leveled up to 4 but that's it. I plan to make a couple new accts when I get home from work and try what you suggested about quests. I had planned to let my bot run for 3 hours, break, then play some legit to get attack up, then break, and back to botting. Rinse and repeat and stay under 10 hrs/day. Thank you for the help. It's greatly appreciated and if it was a thing on here, I'd +rep you. Lol.
  6. I get that. I fully expected it to eventually get banned. I'm just curious what other people are doing to last weeks whereas my bot doesnt even last 2 hours. Did I do something wrong or dumb luck?
  7. Hey. Noob here. I'm curious what I'm doing wrong I have VIP-E I have runelite I have the Einstein's Woodcutting script I open runelite and minimize (I'm at the login screen.) I open Tribot, start new instance, run the script on speed 1. everything is going fine. Not even 2 hours into botting and chill, account gets banned for macroing major. Did I not link something correctly? What do I do with the runelite? I can't log into both runelite and tribot on the same acct at the same time so... what's the point of runelite if tribot is running?
  8. What am I doing wrong to get banned so quickly? speed set to 1. Using tribot. Not using LG as it's not working for me currently, but I see a lot of people not using it lasting at least days.
  9. Not even an hour into botting and chill, account banned. feelsbadman
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