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  1. Yeah I know, but I would like to know when the Runelite LG update is released
  2. Nevermind, I think it is because my VIP ran out
  3. I have been botting for a while now and have always succesfully used LG, I needed to reboot my system and booted up Tribot again wanting to start botting again. When I started Tribot again the LG function vanished. I browsed through the updates and couldnt find anything related. I also downloaded the client again and there was still no LG feature. Did I miss something? Is the LG feature still available?
  4. Ive been botting with LG on OSBuddy for the past few days. on and off, sometimes just a few hours sometimes 2 full days. 85 mining and still no ban xD. My breakhandler is set like this: runtime 1:00:00 -+ 15:00 | breaking 30:00 -+ 15:00
  5. LG works on my 64-bit system with java v8u211 32 bit and a 32 bit osbuddy.jar Thanks for the extension! Also thanks for all the hard work
  6. I think it is because Runescape got an update, Runelite doesn't work either.
  7. Hi! I have been using your bot to make Oak Larders and it works flawlessly. Now when I switch to Teak planks and try to make Teak Larders I get the error message that a CSS stylesheet could not be loaded... The exact error message is: [22:55:43] May 19, 2019 10:55:43 PM com.sun.javafx.css.StyleManager loadStylesheetUnPrivileged INFO: Could not find stylesheet: https://pastebin.com/css/ConsCSS.css Thanks in advance! Edit: I have been trying to use other Larders but I get the same error message on every object I try to make the bot use. Seems like it wants to load something that has been removed from pastebin?
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