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  1. I used the bot and got a fresh account all the way from level 1's to 60 attack, 70 strength, 70 range, 85 magic and also botted various quest and other skills. I think you just got a lot of reports from players and the fact you was stun-alching at edgeville, you know how many people run by there daily. You need to swap locations somewhere less known for a AFK skill. People will be trying to talk to you or even just run by and report you for no reason.
  2. So just checked it out and it does have use quick prayer option and also an option to recharge prayer at altar as well as potion support. The pathing is very good so it could even bank and return to the caves in your safe spot you set automatically and it has a lot of teleport options to and from the bank.
  3. Pretty sure you can it can pretty much farm every spot in the game, I'm really unsure if it has prayer options though as I have never used prayer with it. That might be a struggle in MM cave, however optimus is really good at providing updates and adding features so honestly this script can farm any monster you chose. It has a 10 hour trial give it a shot.
  4. Been running this for a few days now and it works great. I've got full set of gear under 150kc and even got multiple of other pieces. 85 FM currently and plan to shoot all the way to 99.
  5. I can give you some feedback I've ran this starting a fresh level 3 account that is 100% botted I'm currently 60 attack 70 str 85 magic, 70 range. I have also botted all quest requirements and botted all quest to 40+ quest points and still continue to run this script in 10 hour sessions over night. I do go out and kill some bots in the wildy every now and then considering this account is a pure so maybe that's some good faith on my end and saving me from being banned lol.
  6. Awesome thanks will try it out now, also I noticed when I was killing rock crabs and using stamina potions it wouldn't work correctly using Stamina potion(*) it just sat at the bank depositing and withdrawing the potion.
  7. Issue with banking in falador after killing blue dragons. It just goes to the bank and status says banking but it never clicks the bank. The debug just keeps spamming "true" Also im still being spammed in game about the ironman looting others loot message.
  8. I had this same issue when killing blue dragons. My inventory would have food and I had eat for loot enabled, it would only eat one piece of food and leave the dragon bones on the ground only picking up the hides.
  9. Hey so when starting lost city it checks the bank then just stops the bot. The quest handler says its already complete but it's not.
  10. I've ran this several times over night for 10+ hours and have yet to be banned on my account. I have multiple profiles I use for different spots and I also do some PKing from time to time. The script is really good and it allows you to farm whatever you want, unlike some other script that is premade to farm only a specific monster. It's also going to depend on yourself mostly. Have you been banned before on your current ISP with the same IP, how old is the account, how much skilling have you done manually, how many quest have you done. My current bot account is 100% botted from quest, skills, and combat. Level 56 pure and I've killed well over 2000 monsters with the script and made 3m+.
  11. So attacking blue dragons when it is waiting for a new spawn while someone else is there attacking one it will constantly click "walk here" underneath their dragon and then walk back to my safe spot over and over. Also not sure how the eat for food is coded but it only eats 1 piece loots blue dhide and doesn't eat the second piece for the dragon bones. Possible support for drinking super energy when its low run? I have it enabled to drink potions and super energy in bank setup and it only does once it gets to the safe spot. So the whole walk there it doesn't use them and ends up taking a lot of damage walking through mobs. It's not waiting for loot after kill either. =/
  12. So my task is kalphites but it decided it wanted to go kill cave bugs lol.
  13. @HeyImJamie So possibly fix this asap, had I not been watching the bot during witches house it purchased runes and staff of air to do the killing part of it, well when it manually selected the spells it used the magic/defense XP and had I not noticed and stopped it real fast it would've ruined my pure that I've put a week or two of work on.
  14. If you have bank when out of food and bank when inventory full checked it will endlessly click the bank then close it and repeat over and over. My setup still leaves around 10 inventory slots open so even after a bank trip it isn't full. Also it works flawlessly then I look back at the screen and it's just randomly clicking in certain spots over and over. Also eat for food does not work. I have it safe spotted blue dragons and it will leave loot on the floor instead of eating.
  15. No the GE only had the quest items in there during sheep shearer it did the same thing purchased the ball of wool and I had to manually collect. Seems like it may just be the 7qp preset that doesn't work right. Just used the F2P preset and it purchased and collected items. Maybe in V2 it can pre purchase multiple items for quest that are nearby, such as dorics and goblin diplomacy saves it from having to walk back and forth.
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