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  1. Well, first off you have popped up on pretty much every thread I've been searching through- so thanks for being such a helpful legend. But, it didn't work without the password either when I had it switched to SOCKS. Nor did it work with pass/user when all the info was correct. Fortunately I was still on the trial so I haven't given them any money, and I've found a better working site to boot, but it is a shame I can't figure this one out.
  2. I'm using Blazing Proxy, mainly just to learn about this stuff, and when attempting to use the username/password login on the tribot client I am given a pop up window that says the connection has timed out. Yet if I try to authenticate via IP I do not have the user/pass that Tribot uses. What am I doing wrong? Is anyone using Blazing Proxies that could share their settings? Or any other solutions/tips would be greatly appreciated, thank you!
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