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  1. Im getting a bug where the bot sells untill it runs out of items to sell instead of selling the amount I’ve told it to sell. Have been losing atleast 5 mil to this now in 2 days so it really annoying
  2. Where exactly do I manage proxies on palemoon? Tried proxyfoxy, but that didn't seem to work and I can't find any settings
  3. Got it up and running with palemoon. Does proxy work the same way as it does with runelite or do I have to change the proxy in the browser?
  4. steffenftw1

    Ip changer

    I'll check it out, thanks
  5. steffenftw1

    Ip changer

    Anyone know any good ip changer for desktop that I can use while LG is down. Want to lvl up a bot but my experience is that I tend to get banned if i do it with tribot client and would rather just do it with an official one (gonna do it manually anyways).
  6. Sounds like a solid tip. I'll try that. Thank you for the answer.
  7. Have been using rspeer and botting green d'hides which is a extremely popular which is understandable why I got banned for, but today I tried botting with a seller script from here (had like 27 users) and I got caught as soon as I had bought my bond and bought in supplies. Could be that i'm just unlucky, but i'm starting to run out of osrs gp and wanted to figure out if there was something I can do to prevent this the next time or if it's just a coin flip. I have only now started to be pretty consistently banned.
  8. Have been goldfarming for around 1 month now and it has gone pretty smoothly with a few mistakes here and there, but lately I have started to get banned faster and faster when it isn't expected to get banned (weekends and after work hours). Recently I have started to get instantly banned. I use proxy6 for my proxies and thought that could be the problem as they are so overused and probably flagged, but today i tired not using proxy at all and I made the account manually doing tutorial island by hand and got the 7 quest points manually and still, after 1 hour of botting my account got suspended. Am I hardware banned or something? Does anyone have any tips for what I can do to fix this?
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