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  1. Tribot only works with Java 8. Make sure you use the 32 bit JDK for best compatibility imo. u102 is a time-tested version for most bot clients, including Tribot. The latest Java 8 should also work just fine.
  2. Most of these theories are only half correct. If you take a look at the deobfuscated game client, you will see that Jagex takes mouse x and y and associated input data at all times. The number one factor in bot detection is mouse movement. It is entirely possible to bot tutorial island or anything on a fresh account, if you want proof simply use a mouse recorder with a few 5-10 minute recordings of you performing any action for the same amount of time that it takes you to get banned using a mediocre script. Having the virtual mouse move at a consistent rates or with discernible patterns is a dead giveaway and can result in bans right away. Humanlike mouse movements will make you invisible to the system, that's all there is to it. Tribot figured this out years ago judging by the archives and is one of a handful of bot clients that take mouse movements seriously as they should. Only use scripts that take full advantage of human mouse data, all others are garbage. This is uniform across all botting clients. Reflection clients like LG are nothing more than CPU-intensive gimmicks for now because of this, but will still be useful if the client is somehow detected. Even if the client is detected, you won't be banned for playing on a botting client, if and only if they can determine with relative certainty that you are botting will they ban you regardless of client. The only realistic reason LG might get you by on poor scripts is because it's possible that the delay between the reflection client and regular game client skews the mouse movement data slightly. As for your LG problem, disable firewall, close out of all other 3rd party applications, and make sure only the 32 bit JDK and the JRE bundled with it are installed. Trying to pigeonhole 64 bit java with 32 bit java is a very bad idea, and the Runelite.jar is 32 bit anyway. LG is broken after today's update, but do this for now.
  3. Private or homebrewed scripts definitely help, especially with methods no one else bots because there are fewer heuristics to compare your activities to, but what bot detection ultimately boils down to is mouse movement. You can play on any proxy or bot client normally without risking a ban, but as soon as you run a script with consistent, poorly thought out mouse movement patterns, that becomes the deciding factor, and it's really obvious if you think about it. It would be a good idea to get VIP-E for the human mouse data and take full advantage of it, or create your own custom mouse movement methods to be basically guaranteed safety. Any account that you don't bot on would be suitable for muling, even a freshly made level 3 works. You should keep mules on separate IPs to be safe. That's all you need to know to be successful.
  4. Looks like the recent update broke LG and it isn't a simple fix. It probably isn't safe to bot for a while even if you do manage a workaround for it.
  5. IPs have almost nothing to do with bans. If that were the case, you'd get banned for playing on a proxy normally. The number one factor in bot detection is mouse movement, I know this because they literally track mouse x and y on the deobfuscated client. Many scripts still pay no attention to this, moving the mouse at consistent tick rates, creating easily detectable patterns that result in bans. Tribot thankfully provides tools to deal with this, but I can't comment on how well every scripter uses them yet. Make sure the scripter takes advantage of human mouse data or lets you set mouse movement parameters and your bots will last longer.
  6. Like some users here, I ran into some trouble trying to test out Looking Glass (thankfully I'm only on a VIP trial for now). After running through multiple fixes posted here with nothing seemingly working, It turns out using a 3rd party program like Proxifier or anything that intercepts your connection, like a firewall, can prevent the client from hooking properly. As soon as I disabled the firewall and exited out of Proxifier, LG worked. I hope this saves some frustration.
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