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  1. As a guy who just started 2 days ago I'm currently doing 4 simple BF bots. Did the smithing to 40 manually and botting the mining (aminer) for the coal bag on 2 hours intervals, -3 abc2 with max 5 hours per acc a day. Also 2 cheap proxies since I'm just starting. The bots were Incredibly cheap to set up, so that's why I chose them (20 bucks on all 4 accounts including the monthly sub to scripts). I'm mostly experimenting with what I used my first time around to make bond money when I first started the game legitimately and using the exp to learn what the fuck I'm actually doing. I'm planning on experimenting for the first month or so, then just stick with something and build a bank to start doing some higher level bots and go from there and I do have some safety net due to some manual training I do on the side. I do feel a bit like a leech asking this, but are there any methods or things you would recommend that are not in this post? I would appreciate a lot any of your input or suggestions, but I will understand if you don't want to say anything. Also jesus christ 2.1k a month means you get more money than doctors over here. Nice going dude.
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