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  1. XD also same with treegnomevillage ADD,TreeGnomeVillage,KnightSword,MonkFriend,Stamina using this arg. if removing Stamina everything ok tho
  2. its awesome. 1 problem with quest merlin crystal: if you running with stamina pots it would infinite try to bank due to no free space in inventory but if u not using pots everything fine anyway pretty smooth and fast although ge support are good
  3. Best free Pest bot on all bot platforms for sure, but have some issues with all boats except nooby one getting stucked on the other side of the island(host island, not with pests one) after 3-4 games, idk why he is running far away from boat lol(tried on intermediate) ran it for a night on nooby boat, went clear and got me 800 points
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