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  1. working on it now. WHATEVER I JUST DOWNLOADED FROM THE POST BUGGED ME TF OUT. installed like 5 things
  2. it hooks, just a black screen, none of the above worked for me. All of it was 64 bit?
  3. Seem to be just getting a black screen?
  4. Looking to just boost total level on an account with minimal risk. What're wee looking at? Maybe cooking/fishing. Let me know!
  5. Never changed worlds after being pked just about 15 minutes ago. I'm afraid of being camped and diminishing all exp up here.
  6. May I also recommend that the script 3 item's the wildy course? A great anti-ban is someone wearing a skill cape or some fashionable item while skilling. Being graceful out of the question being used here would you be able to implement equiping items that my charecter had on previous to the pker? rather than just banking it and going "naked"
  7. In the event of a death at the wilerness agility can you have it change worlds? In a usual even a person may just hop to get the next unfortunate person/bot, however if this person realizes you're just stubbornly coming back to the same world looking like a bot, you're gonna get reported and killed for stamina potions over and over.
  8. Wondering if say it's safer to bot 10 hours per day for a week rather than 5 hours per day for 2 weeks. Or is it just the same assumed risk?
  9. Is hours botted reflected on rates on ban? Is it best to just bot through and through or conservatively limiting hours a day
  10. @Aropupu can you confirm this before I start up?
  11. So now that I have a clear-cut winner. My question is, is this something I can treat just as say I trusted Optimus Combat AIO where if I put it on for 12 something hours at a time it would be fine? I know agility is a little bit more risky, as I've experienced a few bans with it so this time I have a detailed list of other in game activities I want to do manually to just add to the activity log so there is just not 5 mil worth of agility exp in a row.
  12. in the event a player logs in and insta gibs me with a bolt putting me in combat, what does the script do in a case like this once I was sucessfully sent back to lumbridge?
  13. How does this script handle pkers at wilderness course? Considering grinding this.
  14. So I am looking to go for the throat for 89 agility on a account. Currently within the 50's. I really wanted to steer clear of rooftop agility due to its high traffic and seemly to be the more dangerous of the options for training. I'm torn which route to go as far as of which script and which course(s). Ideally my best option I would love to do is the ape atoll course, however my account is not able to be here due to its "pure" status. My options are 1) Continue with aAgilityv2 rooftop's 2) Relative Agility by Einstein rooftops 3) Relative Agility Brimhaven agility minigame 4) aAgilityv2 Wilderness course (how does this work when approached & killed by pkers)
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