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  1. do tell more.
  2. To be frank. I'd like to share a pker I created with a friend. I don't have the drive to quest and maintain and do the tedious shit on it, whats the likelyhood of it getting flagged for share by jag?
  3. if breaks your fine
  4. oh interesting. This is quite fucking me up thoe.
  5. Or am I just not gonna bot and let my VIP + RSmembership run out without use? I don't mean to be salty, so don't take it that way, just frustrated. this will be the 2nd or 3rd day I'm offline.
  6. @Tri Seems my looting has broke, I guess around the same time as the rest of the problems arise as I look back. Although it loots a specific rune I have it picking up, however not the seeds :\
  7. If you DM me a reasonable offer I'll get working on it.
  8. THeres a form somewhere on the forum to request a refund. not sure @iFluffee
  9. @Tri how come my bot wont loot anything when its safespot ranging same loot rules and everything but when it melees in the same spot it will loot. I'm very confused. pls help.
  10. have you tried inserting it? Hit red for credit.
  11. proof-read this, I have no idea what you're talking about
  12. They're reading this right now