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  1. ace_001

    I drew a digital rendering of my bunny with Apple Pencil

    Yes he loves rasberries but goes absolutely INSANE for bananas. Once i got home from the grocery store and he was going at the bananas before I even took them out of the bag!
  2. ace_001

    I drew a digital rendering of my bunny with Apple Pencil

    we got a bunny too! follow @marshmallow_bunbun on IG
  3. ace_001

    TRiBot Release 10.11_0

    Kind of feeling the same, but I know I have to eat a day or two here and there, unfortunate timings suck, but would like to see LG resolved within a day before I get ancy feeling this way as well
  4. ace_001

    Botting without LG?

    Is it fine to do so whilst LG is down , kind of not feeling it due to increased risk?
  5. ace_001

    How delayed can a ban be?

    Luckily I feel im in a lower trafficked area, however how long is a player report to be reviewed and actioned? or again this is all up in the air?
  6. ace_001

    How delayed can a ban be?

    thats encouraging, so would you say my little mishap may have slid under radar? Given we used to be stuck in randoms for 10 hours back in 2010 lmao judging by screenies tribot takes i was stuck for approx 1.5 hours
  7. ace_001

    How delayed can a ban be?

    any amount of legit that can offset ban?
  8. ace_001

    How delayed can a ban be?

    Worried about an incident where a script kind of broke and the bot kind of did a little dance walking between a few squares for 2-3 hours. Should I be overly worried as its been over 24 hours and made it through todays update
  9. ace_001

    TRiBot Release 10.11_0

    legendary, this fell on the perfect day for all of our bots to be on a rest period as well. +1 Tril.
  10. will I get anything close to decent exp per hour? stun alch is 180k exp an hour. vs 35k for strength and maybe 30k for mage. would take 3x as long but.. im not sure. in the time i can do 180k exp per hour. I think i could net many hours two times over to do another 13m stregnth exp for 99hp.
  11. Lot of negative responses of bugs in the past week, scaring me off. Thinking about using this for mage training. Advise or word from scripter?
  12. ace_001

    need help with bot

    is there monkfish on the account you want to bot?
  13. ace_001

    Best Aio combat on tribot

    optimus aio combat is amazing, made like 7 maxed accounts on osrs. @Optimus
  14. ace_001

    TRiBot Release 10.6_0 & 10.7_0