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  1. Hello Aropupu! so if I was to select use these worlds say from 300 to 530 and also add a bunch of worlds disabled. The bot simply does not load the script i click start and nothing happens the bot screen stays open and no paint screen appears. world hop setting are normal and use world from 300 to 700 with only 1 world blocked like 302 for instance if i was to enter multiple worlds to disable it doesn't seem to load the script. the skilled servers like 500, 750, 1750 or 2000 buttons don't work, its as if the selection is not recognized even if I deselect use worlds from this range. bot also does this weird thing where it hovers over world then goes to the left then back again but doesn't select the world. until the debug says something like " debug 1: tribot's worldhopper failed to worldhop! destination world: 428 - true" then "Trying another world" If you would like gifs and screenshots of debug pm me and we can keep in contact there.
  2. great bot! other then runite doesn't seem to go for my preselected 1730 skill worlds will only use the whole list of worlds. is there a way to change that?
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