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  1. Just got BANNED after using the 3 hour trial yesterday and using the script for 1 hour today. Luckily its only a 2 day ban. Looks like I'm gonna have to fish legitimately from now
  2. Bot constantly clicks on rune pouch to fill with essence once its already completed the process. Wont advance any further from there.
  3. Trying to use this in the agility arena but once it's got a ticket it wont remove the dialog that pops up in the chat box. It just stands there until I manually remove the dialog. Help me please.
  4. Hi, im not trying to be a pain but I really cant figure out how this Gui works. Game mode : Custom rumble hard (dharoks is being updated) Traning mode and spot : normal and center As im using dharoks ive put in 4886 for main weapon and no special weapon Flicking rapid heal and randomize hp values Now the issue is when I try to add items to the banking section. I put the codes in for Absorption, overload and rock cake but it says the value is over 10,000 every time and needs to be below 28. Why is this happening? When I click on add item am I suppose to add all item codes in one line next to each other? am I suppose to add everything im using like my armour too? I know this is a big message but I really do appreciate any response that could help me. Thanks.
  5. Hey hope you are well. I'm trying to barbarian fish as Baxtorian falls but every time the inventory is full the bot clicks on the settings icon and then just clicks on the control icon until I stop the programme. I don't know if its something I'm doing wrong or what. Just have the rod and feathers in the inv to start with. Thanks for any help.
  6. Hey great script there is just 1 issue that keeps occurring. I'm using the Mythical Cape method with demon butler and sometimes when he comes back with the planks, the bot hasn't taken the Cape off the wall in time causing me to recieve a full inv of teak planks with no slot for the Cape. I've had to leave my house, drop a plank and re-enter to counter this. It's happening too often now for me to keep having to manually do this. Is it something I'm doing wrong or not? Thanks for any info.
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