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    Yeah I just don't think its cut out for me. About to be going back to school to get a UXO license and take the next step in my life. Need to enjoy the next month cuz its gonna be shit after I take this class but make bank.
  2. Buckets595


    Just wanted to say bye to everyone. Ive enjoyed the tribot community and everyone helping with botting. Big thanks to Naton for all his scripts which I used for my attempt at gold farming. Goldfarming just isn't worth it for me being out of college and the money id make spending 10 hours trying to farm id make in like 30 mins at work. I just couldn't crack the code and exploit gold farming to a decent level like I had tried to do. Best of luck to everyone, here is a list of things I have if anyone is interested: = I have like 15-20 accounts straight off tut island which I bought from a website that sold accounts like this. Accounts were created in US IP addresses I believe. - I have a few accounts with 75+ smithing and others with 90+ and other stats. - Also have a zulrah ready account If anyone is interested. I may give them to you if you helped me during this journey and or sell for a very small fee on paypal Best of luck to everyone and remember, Bot like a human not like a bot.
  3. Woke up this morning to all my accounts sitting at GE trying to buy stamina potions. They aren't buying unless If you go +25% over market currently. Can you add a feature to possibly buy restocking items up to 25% instead of just 10%? I know there is the option to gradually change the price does this gradually increase the buy price? Do I need to start check marking this box?
  4. go check on sythe. A lot of reputable shops buy for .6-.62 a mil
  5. Yeah was just a thought I had since I saw how easy they were to get and I normally get them to help my new bots not use so many stamina potions. Not sure how much it really helps but I think they give like -5 or -6 weight.
  6. Has anyone suggested the possibility of grabbing boots of lightness on new accounts when it teliports to Camelot to go start question. Would need a knife and a candle with tinderbox to light the candle and then run south of range guild to that little cave and go west to stairs climb down cut web in corner pick up boots then teleport back to Camelot and start the needed quest for blast furnace?
  7. Um I don't think its the cooking guild it is the building right by the guards. so from varrock west bank you got west about 30 squares and there's the big building. the guy walked south from GE and just was walking back and forth around the building like it was mowing the lawn or something haha
  8. Haha im a newb, No idea what any of that is besides the gif. Im not too worried about it. If someone else runs into it maybe it can be fixed. I always babysit my guys till they get lvl 30 and in the furnace
  9. Just saw a problem with new account creation. Script bought all items needed to go start the quest and then it walked south of GE and literally just walked circles around the building that is south of GE. This was after getting 1-30 smithing and all that fine. I just clicked the Camelot tab and it started rolling again perfectly fine
  10. Theres people selling for 1m?? I just cant seem to catch them online
  11. I am looking to have someone do the initial trial membership deal for me for 7 days of membership. I am having problems getting it for multiple accounts. Currently need: 2 accounts done willing to pay 1m ea. PM on here please and Discord "Buckets247" I am new to discord still learning how to use it so on.
  12. I have seen a couple questions around about how to get a free week of membership on a new account that has never been a member before. Here is a link to the video which showed me originally. Youtube Video Let me know if this helped anyone!
  13. Back in 2010-2012 when I botted the little bit that I understood was like editing the reaction times. It would say like react in _____blah blah ms or whatever and id change that shit to be lower for some scripts cuz it was stupid.slow. But now all scripts seem to be much more than what they were way back haha
  14. I take back what I said that crap looks hard lol
  15. Anyone have any ideas how I could get into scripting? I just want to start with the basics and maybe later on make more out of it. Just curious where I can even begin. Say to make a simple script like teleport to Camelot and highalch at the same time or even just a simple alching script for starters. Any pointers be appreciated. I'm just bored at home haha
  16. I am kinda interested to see how many instances everyone can run. I don't know much about what exactly allows you to run more but I will put the stats of my laptop below and see what everyone else manages with their setups and how much you have in your setup: A12 Radeon R7, 2.7Ghz, 8g RAM, Windows 10 - bought the laptop for $330usd. I can manage 5 without any lag. Haven't tried more yet since I don't have the accounts for it yet.
  17. Same reason I clicked it. I think you can disable the graphics? I think that still allows thebot to run. But im interested to see if anyone else hasother tips
  18. How crazy were you using it? haha and what times of the day. We need to analyze this and use your ban situation to better everyone elses knowledge
  19. No idea if this is smarter or not to run it but the bot functions better when it can screen click everything and sometimes the cameras will turn and it has to resort to the minimap. (Not human like, if jagex is able to see our mouses and where we click so on). Yes I run it resized for my whole screen and zoomed out but camera will just get wonky from time to time. Thanks for the feature!
  20. Is there any way to turn off the camera rotation that tribot does? I set the custom camera setting on the script and I want to keep it within those perimeters that I set and it keeps going crazy like once every 10 mins or so and it looks bottish (That is if jagex can see our screens) Idk if they can tell when we rotate screens or what but if I was to do blast furnace legit I wouldn't be rotating the screen that much. and I would keep the camera in one area setting to where I can click bank and the belt without moving the camera. That's what I am going for here. Any ideas as to setup?
  21. agree with you 100% , coming from me with a decent job out of college and used to bot in Highschool. Its almost not even worth the time to try to do a bot farm unless if you are in a third world country trying to make a living. I know some people that would kill for 10usd or 100usd. Ill go sit my happy ass at work for a couple hours. Yes I am currently trying my own little bot farm (4 accounts) but that's all I have that I can run with my computer. But just ask yourself is the time worth it. I have noticed myself spending more time at home working on my bots than out enjoying the pool and getting hammered with babes.. so probably wont be long and ill be giving up myself. Just my 2 cents but best of luck to ya
  22. Hows that script been treating you? Im thinking about getting it possibly. How many hours a day you run it and how much profit? If you don't mind me asking
  23. Does the script withdraw money from the coffer thing when it breaks with the tribot break handler and or the scripts afk or minibreak feature?
  24. Whoever owns rng makes bank. That's all imma say lol. I wish I had this script as well lol Ive seen him turn 10m in 5-10 mins
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