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  1. Started counting misclicks. Highest was 18 misclicks trying to setup a single trap. Just kept clicking over far enough to run to a new tile, then over compensating, making it run to the tile on the opposite side... One time it even hovered on the trap for a second then moved the mouse off to misclick. Average misclicks is around 5 per trap. Hunted manually for about an hour myself, and I only misclicked once by accident. Can you update the script to be more realistic?
  2. Wont stay on 1250 skill worlds. I like to use those because less gold farm or pure bots in those worlds, and my chins per hour stays higher. The script always wants to world hop somewhere else. The amount of misclicks also seems like a lot. I don't think anyone misclicks half a dozen times every time they check a trap. Once or twice for every ten traps or so would be more realistic.
  3. Enchanting works fine on bracelets. Ive been using it on ruby then diamond. But when I tried it on diamond necklaces, it ends the script saying it has run out of supplies. Restarted the client and tried a few times. Even when I put the necklaces in my inventory, it banks them then ends the script saying the same thing.
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