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  1. doing al kharid rooft top and it be clicking the first obstacle without moving the camera...doubt a human could see that wall to climb but yet perrfectly click it. how come the camera isnt moving so it faces the obstacle? I didnt disable anything
  2. World hopping seems to be messed up for wildy altar. Goes to non members world and tries to use bones. Same thing for skill total worlds
  3. 100% agree. Yeah I like that idea and it turn it should work out well. Because currently being high hp and guzzle down only 1 or 2 hp while the monsters already are attacking me is a pain lol edit: just wanted to thank you again for listening and responding to me so quickly. Great script and awesome that you made it free
  4. Great overall script but some aspects make it seem very bot-like and could be more efficient. When the script buys potion from chest it does different pots individually, when in reality you would buy the pots you need all at once then go to barrels. Instead it buys overloads>barrel>chest>buys absorption>barrel. Also when using rock cake it should guzzle immediately once entering dream and stop at 51. This way is much faster because of the higher hp the more damage you take.
  5. Versace

    2 day ban

    rip to your vip and account, reported.
  6. So i've logged almost 3k kills with this script, absolutely amazing btw. Have never ran into problems. Just wanted to ask or maybe pitch what are your thoughts on ROW switch at the end of kills. Does it help? is it worth it for extra RNG chance? lol
  7. Allocated more ram and it runs better now, thanks a lot man. But this can be seen as a problem if I'm constantly "miss-clicking" the world map you know? For now NBD
  8. The bot closes it right? It's due to the funny dimensions of resizeable mode. Try allocating more RAM like 512mb and adjust the screen size maybe. Yeah it closes it. It just so happens that once it gets opened i get client lag. And yeah do you recommend playing resizeable, because to fix this i just switched it to fixed resolution.
  9. Anyone else experiencing lag when the bot opens up world map? I've noticed during the Camelot charter route, the bot spams the minimap and since it clicks nere the world map it opens up. NBD but for me everytime it opens up the world map my client lags so bad bot cant kill Zulrah. Any way around this?
  10. Im trying to use custom abcl eating range but everytime i check box and save setting it doesnt save, when i load profile the box appears unchecked
  11. Is it better to for the bot to pick reset aggro spot? or custom so its always ONE spot? When the bot picks reset aggro spot, is it always the same path and tile?
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