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  1. Is anyone having trouble buying RS Mem atm?
  2. Using RS Buddy & a metrnome.. SML.
  3. Like I said I havent botted for a few years, but in regards to just training CB. How safe is it? Assuming I don't suicide and bot for 1.5 hours with breaks. Im not looking to run a farm ,just cb stats
  4. https://gyazo.com/6b300a352cc638050cb3c55daab370ae 24hr prog
  5. script is currently broken, doesn't start or anything. It tries to search for games necklace (1). Even trying to help it by going to corp cave doesn't work.
  6. Been running smoothly for a long time now. https://gyazo.com/a03d94fb928e5c7b9702fbb59b1e5617 The 1 death was from logging in to the dragon being next to the safespot. the southern most area needs to be fixed, or atleast the bot needs to detect if its getting attacked.
  7. It supports normal energy potions, which is good. All you need is 2 energy pots and you get there perfectly
  8. does this work?
  9. Still a couple of things: - It would be nice if you could add the agility shortcut for those who have it. - People can crash you, so maybe hop if your not getting the kill - Pker escape? I know there really isn't a point, but for people with the 74 agility shortcut its a possibility to get away from the pkers - The bot constantly keeps checking the inventory when the trip is over and tries to leave the island. I've died twice because it wasn't hovering over the log out button. Idk why but around the gate it does it constantly where it goes from logout tab to inventory twice then stops on inventory tab to continue to run - When you die it hops world using the world switcher, but it does not exit the world switcher, and when the bot does try to log it cant.
  10. When starting the varrock agility course, its clicking is very bot-like, it spam right clicks trying to find the climb option.
  11. Lmao at the dragon visage p/h Currently doing Trident of the Seas on 1 account and fire strike on other. The difference is massive. Lmk if you need proggies Things I've noticed so far: - Logs out while in corp cave if it sees someone there. - Banking after a trip is still bot-like, Takes two energies drinks one, takes another one out and drinks that one, then does same with food. (Also doesnt restock when full run + health, it teles with half pots and food) - How come it never takes the west path of the isle? - Pick up looting bags if you don't have and use it would be useful
  12. @Vampyress Looks like you have auto-retaliate on. That will probably cause that bud
  13. I'm going to continue to post as many things as possible because I really enjoy this script. - There should be an option when to eat food. Current wastes food when its really close to full health. - In your picture you posted, idk if you got rid of the loot table, but if you can make that optional, that'd be great because I like it and other might too. - The run back to lvl 30 to teleport, does it randomize which way it banks? If so, I think it shoud really stick to traveling to the West side of the isle only. Or make it optional. - I noticed as my account was running through the isle to go bank that the bot keeps switching in between inventory and logout tab, almost constantly - After coming back to the bank, it banks and takes out energy pots frm the bank. It then drinks it to 50+ energy then just teleports back to corp. It would be more beneficial if you drinks the pot back to 90+ and takes the selected amount of energy pots from the bank again, because currently it teleports with an empty vial - When your character dies, it should hop worlds before going back to lava dragons, on 3 different occasions the bot died and came back to die to the same person.(Banks really fast and come back fast which is a plus) - Maybe to avoid money loss have an option to bank when reaching a certain amount of money that can be changed in GUI. - Agility shortcut option in GUI aswell for those who have it. - When you lose your looting bag, the bot continues to run and do trips without it, but you should enable it to pick up looting bag if dropped by the lava dragon Was about to have a 6 hour proggy but I fell asleep with the bot running Also I'm not experiencing these "bank failures" I have all the supplies that are selected in the GUI in my bank, and it banks perfectly.
  14. @Usa Do you think its necessary to bring anti-dragon shield, or maybe a book is better? Also, is the option for Trident of the Seas the same for Trident of the swamp or will you need to add that in as well?
  15. It worked using chaos runes and smoke staff. Bought trident of the seas and it doesnt work, takes everything out of bank and just sits there @Usa edit: Idk if I should edit this post for updates on this bot but ill continue anyway. So far this script is amazing. But there are still some problems. As stated before then run from Corp beast cave to lavas needs to be changed because of the poison spiders attacking you. Trident of the seas is currently broken(maybe add the option like smoke battlestaff to select it and it will work because currently when you setup trident it sits at the bank and does nothing). When clicking on the green square to stand for safe spot it will continuously miss click making it seem very bot-like(this is for the south-western area of the lava isle and eastern, it continues to missclick after EVERY single lava dragon kill), DONT USE ANY EASTERN SPOTS because of other dragons hitting you when the bot missclicks safe area. IMO the Western and spot at gate areas are the best. (DONT CLICK RANDOM UNTIL THIS PROBLEM IS FIXED). Also when taking out items from the bank after a trip it will take out all the food you wanted eat one then ignore the other food in inventory and retrieve another food from the bank and continue to do so until full health. Eating is a big problem too, you'll be sitting at full HP and if you get hit for a 6 then it will eat the food you selected, in my case it was a monkfish, and it gets even worse if you are poisoned(basically wastes all your food) from the bot running through the spider area. edit2: I forgot to mention that every time the bot relogs it clicks the combat options tab and goes back to auto-cast the spell chosen. But for me the spell stays selected and doesn't need to be selected every time, idk if its like that for everyone else.