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  1. I did never get this thing with proxyes, someone who can help me? I want to bot on all four acc's i have, and using proxy on every one of them, how much for 4 proxyes and how do i set it up?
  2. While you have used AirVPN? Did you get banned ? permban directly or they gave you 2 days?: like normally when it's a new player ( on a new ip ) or haven't you got any ban? if you haven't then how long have you been botting?
  3. Flag change my current IP? How mate ?
  4. I bot on only 1 acc, but does VPN works? to not seeing in their system that i've created acc's that have been banned? And are there any free VPN's? for like 30days or forever? I'm not the type of guy who is going to buy vpn ;P
  5. Hello guys! I've been banned like 10 or more times on accounts that i've been botted on, and my 1st account i got banned on, that wasn't permban, but the other was directly permban, the 1st one was 48 Hours then after permban. And it took like 4 weeks before i got ban on the 1st one, now they are banning my accounts fast, so i think it's something with my IP. And i need help to get a new IP, i don't have a dynamic IP so i can't restart the router. Help me out someone Thank you.
  6. I'm botting on one account 3-5 hours a day. Where is the good thread on safe botting ? can you send me it pls?
  7. Hello everybody . I was botting on three of my accounts by doing the fully bought Rock Crabs script, and then i got permbanned on them all after two weeks? Is that normally how can they already see it? I've been botting before with only one account and i got only 48 Hours there. But now im always getting permbanned. And is it stupid to bot with rock crabs? script? Which script are you guys using? for not getting banned? Can you give me some ideas, if there are some ideas? Thank you.
  8. How can i built my own Computer, i dont get it ? Please Private message me, thank you.