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  1. great script but during skilling it te keeps shutting down because of debugg. after showing 5 times "you catch some shrimps" or "you retrieve some loggs" it shuts down because it detects the same message 5 times.
  2. Description: I need a private script that gets the ice gloves for me. It should walk,grab/equip/buy items, and take the ice gloves from the drop. it can use (buy able) teleport for efficient travel. it can be super basic there's no need for a GUI. Payment Amount: The preferred payment of the scriptwriter. Time: as soon as possible Additional: is shouldn't be the most advanced script made but also not the dumbest it should have a bit of randomness i don't wanna use the word but basically (fake) anti ban features. for faster communication add me on discord: hazesmoker#6851
  3. perfect, except with minnow fishing it doesnt reconize the flyfish with me so my inventory goes empty again
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