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  1. Came back to find my account in the centre, but 2 npc's were blocking each other and were out of reach for my player to attack. My character would have been stuck there for a good 3 hours, because I average 100k/hr with my setup. Anyway we can have this bot change position every few minutes or can it detect when its not in combat? This is the first time this has happened so I think it's a very rare spawn that made this happen.
  2. I am running this Java version. I am using the Osbuddy.jar 64bit client. Looking Glass loads fine and it mirrors the client, but when I try type or click on the tribot client or the osbuddy client(when tribot is mirroring) it doesn't register. User blocks is unticked so that is definitely not the problem. I used to bot last year with no dramas, but have done a reinstall of java multiple times and not sure if that has messed with settings. Please Help thanks
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