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  1. My mule account got banned today... While it's possible it got banned because it had traded many accounts that ended up getting banned, it's also possible that something else is at play. Since not many people are using this script, I took it offline to change how it works. Instead of the mule having all the items, the mule will only have GP on it and the bot accounts will buy supplies as needed from the GE. I'm sorry if anyone was using this and stocked up on the quest items and what not.
  2. Two separate scripts but they're both just lunar magic scripts. One humidifies clay, the other makes mahogany planks. Clay Humidifier: https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/3219 Plank Maker: https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/3221
  3. Looking at approved scripters' version of antiban, it's all extremely complicated. The tutorial doesn't really make it easy to follow. I believe I've correctly implemented it. Can a more experienced scripter confirm this? Timed actions is pretty straightforward... This is my implementation of hovering / option menu and generating reaction times based off those options. I wanted to make a tutorial but don't want to do that if I'm doing this wrong. Thanks!! The script: public void openPlantPacks() { RSItem[] potPack = Inventory.find("Plant pot pack"); int whichPot = General.random(0, Inventory.getCount("Plant pot pack") - 1); potPack[whichPot].click("Open"); hoveringOrOptionMenu = false; if (abc2Check) { if (abcUtil.shouldOpenMenu()) { if (vanessa[0].isOnScreen()) { if (!ChooseOption.isOpen()) { General.println("Opening option menu (ABC2)"); DynamicClicking.clickRSNPC(vanessa[0], 3); abcUtil.setOptionMenuOpen(true); hoveringOrOptionMenu = true; } else abcUtil.setOptionMenuOpen(false); } } else if (abcUtil.shouldHover()) { if (vanessa[0].isOnScreen()) { General.println("Hovering target (ABC2)"); vanessa[0].hover(); abcUtil.setHovering(true); hoveringOrOptionMenu = true; } } else abcUtil.setHovering(false); } int potPackCount = Inventory.getCount("Plant pot pack"); int currentPotPack = potPackCount; int unPacked = 0; int loopCount = 0; status = "Opening packs."; while (Inventory.getCount("Plant pot pack") > 0) { //Keeps running tally of pots while opening sleep(1200); loopCount++; if (loopCount > potPackCount) { println("Script iterated through pack opening more time than expected, ending script to avoid bans"); shouldRun = false; break; } unPacked = currentPotPack - Inventory.getCount("Plant pot pack"); currentPotPack = Inventory.getCount("Plant pot pack"); potCount = potCount + (unPacked * 100); safetyCheck(); } if (abc2Check) try { abcUtil.sleep(abcUtil.ABC2ReactionTime(1200 * 26)); //26 pot packs, 1200ms each } catch (InterruptedException ie) { General.println("ABC2 sleep - exception thrown"); } } The ABC2 class: package scripts.my_api; import org.tribot.api.General; import org.tribot.api.util.abc.ABCProperties; import org.tribot.api.util.abc.ABCUtil; public class ABC2 extends ABCUtil { private boolean isHovering=false; private boolean isInOptionMenu=false; public void checkAntiBanTimers(){ // Here our player is idling, so we can check/perform the timed actions. if (this.shouldCheckTabs()) this.checkTabs(); if (this.shouldCheckXP()) this.checkXP(); if (this.shouldExamineEntity()) this.examineEntity(); if (this.shouldMoveMouse()) this.moveMouse(); if (this.shouldPickupMouse()) this.pickupMouse(); if (this.shouldRightClick()) this.rightClick(); if (this.shouldRotateCamera()) this.rotateCamera(); if (this.shouldLeaveGame()) this.leaveGame(); } public void setHovering(boolean hovering){ isHovering = hovering; } public void setOptionMenuOpen(boolean optionsOpen){ isInOptionMenu = optionsOpen; } public int ABC2ReactionTime(int waitingTime){ long menuOpenOption = isHovering ? ABCUtil.OPTION_MENU_OPEN : 0; long hoverOption = isInOptionMenu ? ABCUtil.OPTION_HOVERING : 0; int reactionTime = this.generateReactionTime(this.generateBitFlags(waitingTime,menuOpenOption,hoverOption)); General.println("ABC2 reaction time: "+reactionTime); return reactionTime; } }
  4. https://github.com/jiggerjaw/TribotOpenSource Let me know what you think Suggestions are welcome and appreciated
  5. https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/3215 [Source] Autodetects which birdhouse based off your level at script start... Have the best birdhouse you can do + "Hammerstone seeds" in your bank/inventory. Supports digsite pendant (not required but the script will turn off after 15 minutes... Don't start too far away if you don't have pendants). Enjoy, please post if you use it! Suggestions, criticisms, or compliments are welcome.
  6. Second this... No use banging your head against the wall if you're stuck looking at the API. Someone at some point has done what you're trying to do in one of their scripts. There's also useful functions people have made hiding in those open source files. @Laniax open sourced his api: https://github.com/Laniax/LanAPI My scripter app has some pretty useful functions in the Common class... https://github.com/jiggerjaw/TribotOpenSource
  7. UPDATE: It didn't work with "Empty" (thankfully, that would have been sad), but it does work feeding in the whole string... Not sure why it didn't work when it does for other items (ring of dueling, clan wars portal, bank booths). Thanks for the help!!
  8. Oops! I hope I just typoed it when I switched it back from Clicking.click... That would be extremely embarassing. Trying it now. I always assumed the "option" was without the item itself... I'll try that as well. Thanks @Netami and @botuser420
  9. I like the typo idea. I'd assume what you're doing (hold shift, press h, etc etc) is how Tribot's keyboard already works. Dunno for sure though
  10. I've implemented .click(option) in the same way as I've always done and it isn't working. Both for digsite pendant: if(Inventory.getCount(digsiteArray)>0) shouldRun = c.equipItemWithCharges("Digsite pendant ",5,shouldRun); RSItem digsitePendant = Equipment.getItem(Equipment.SLOTS.AMULET); if (digsitePendant != null) if (digsitePendant.click("Digsite")) General.println("Teleported to digsite"); else General.println("Failed to teleport to digsite, attempting daxWalker"); And birdhouses: for(String b : birdHouseArray){ General.println("Looking for:" +b); RSObject[] birdHouseObject = Objects.findNearest(10,b); if(birdHouseObject.length > 0) { General.println("Found: "+b); if(birdHouseObject[0].isOnScreen()) if (birdHouseObject[0].click("Clear")) { General.println("Clicked clear birdhouse"); Timing.waitCondition(() -> { return Objects.findNearest(10, b).length == 0; }, 10000); } break; } } Tribot will right click the object then trail off as if the option isn't available. I've deleted hooks and restarted both Runelite and Tribot. I've been banging my head on the wall. Hopefully there's something simple that I'm missing here. I tried Clicking.click(option, Clickable) as well... Neither way is working. As always, help is appreciated!
  11. @Encoded I wanted to buy one of your scripts simply because I've used your free ones so much I thought I should support you. Can you add a "Worldhop if other player" option? I'd like to get the farmer set on my main account but that seems risky when other players might try to talk to me. I'd rather lose a single batch of fruit than my account. The account is essentially entirely botted so any reports are gonna get me banned. Here's the code to do it (so you don't have to look through the API -- tested and working) if(worldHopEnabled && Players.getAll().length > 1) WorldHopper.changeWorld(WorldHopper.getRandomWorld(true, false)); If it's difficult to edit your GUI, let me know and I can make something for you. If you do implement it let me know and I'll buy Also, an update to the Forum page explaining the numbers would be nice. It was easy enough to figure out that 14x5 is the better option (if you have infinite run) but I had to try both to figure it out. Still not sure what the numbers mean. Thanks for all the great scripts... Why don't you charge for them? I know they're simple scripts, but you could limit what's available on the free versions and make some money.
  12. @Netami or @HeyImJamie ... If I call "Clicking.click(option)", does it search all clickable objects for that option? The API says you'd have to include the clickable as an option. If it does just search all Clickables for whatever the specified option is, that's great! (and should probably be updated in the API)
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