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  1. Don't think so. All the scripts I've had the best experience with weren't ABCL10. Real players don't act like the antiban in most situations... It might be good for something like woodcutting but I don't believe it transfers over to every activity and just gives Jagex something that's easier to detect.
  2. Some accounts use some ABC methods (checking exp gains, mouse off screen, etc), some don't. It's not ABCL10
  3. Temporarily taking this down until I test some updates. https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/3464 Mainly supports the rock cake method. Start with the gear you want equipped and a rock cake in your inventory. Make sure you have enough arrows/runes/whatever as it doesn't check to see if you're out. Also have plenty of gold in your coffers. Supports prayer potions and super attack/strength potions if you start a game with them in your inventory. You can use this method until you can save up points to do absorptions and overloads. When using the rock cake method it will automatically buy potions and re-start the game. It will buy and bank herb boxes if they're available. It withdraws a specified amount of overloads based off my patented, proprietary overload formula. As always, lots of safety features. Generates a random seed for each account and includes literally thousands of different combinations of human like patterns. Enjoy
  4. https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/3461 Start the script in the area you want to gather resources. Follow the prompts in the pop-up boxes and type exactly what's needed (pay attention to caps!!). Uses ABC2 timing and custom antiban. Lots of safety features (will log out if unsuccessful at banking, if experience hasn't been gained, if it can't click on its target, etc etc). Supports mining, woodcutting, fishing, thieving (with coin pouches!!), and some hunter animals (can't remember which ones, it's been forever since I've used it for hunter :P). I recommend using low ABC2 reductions for slower things (fishing or high level resources) and higher ABC2 reductions for stuff like power mining. For slower things, this will make you move the mouse a lot less when waiting for your character to stop doing something and is much more realistic. For faster things, you'll be standing around a lot less and getting more exp. Uses Daxwalker to bank... Right now I'm just using public keys so if it's not working it's likely because Daxwalker is busy. It can also power level. Just tell it what to drop!! Used this to get my stats up to Drag slayer 2 requirements... Simple program but very effective. Troubleshooting: If you run into any problems with the default file, delete it (it's in the AppData -> Roaming -> .tribot folder)
  5. 1) Snippets: Posted some but can't seem to find them... Stuff about randomizing bank withdraw order, how-to's about things people asked me. The profile section only goes back so far and I can't seem to find the posts. 2) Tutorials: 3) Randoms/updates submitted: None4) Scripts available to the public: Older script before I was as familiar with Tribot (and Java) but it has ABC2: Draynor agility course using DaxWalker: Simple cannon script: Github for all three scripts: [Source] 5) Short biography / Coding Experience: [1-2 short paragraphs] I'm a PhD student in a computer vision lab... I'm a neuroscientist but the things we study are highly related to computer vision. I started programming java in AP programming back in high school. I started botting back then, mostly using macro programs. I quit when they took away the wilderness and came back sporadically since the return of OSRS. I've slowly learned more and more CS during my college career... Ready to use it for some Runescapin'. Recently I designed a neural simulator completely in java... It's really upped my understanding of a lot of things. 6) Reasons why you feel you deserve Scripter: [1-3 short paragraphs]My coding when I started on Tribot wasn't the best but I've vastly improved over the past couple years. I like the Tribot community, people are really helpful. They've helped me a lot with my java, and although other bots are out there, I've put my eggs in the Tribot basket. I've tried to be helpful on forums. I haven't been active for the past few months due to an extremely hectic real life but when I am around, I'm pretty active in discord and forums. I like helping people and always respond when someone messages me. I've learned the API pretty well and have a whole slew of bots that I used to nearly max an old account. 7) What you plan to provide the community with: [1-3 short Paragraphs] I really want to get in on the mobile botting. Being part of a computer vision lab puts me in a unique position to really help foster what could be a great botting resource. I also have more than 20 scripts that I've used and an antiban method that creates unique antiban based off usernames for some of them. The scripts I submitted aren't my best work, they're just old scripts that I don't mind giving away for free... I'd like to eventually become a premium scripter and fill the gap in Tribot's script pool Do you agree to continue to not only update, but provide more free, open sourced scripts to the community? [YES/NO] Not sure if this is a legitimate requirement since not a single scripter keeps open source code... But I'll say yes? ********************************************************* Replies to people's posts... ********************************************************* Thanks WillB, it used to be an "OpenSource" repository (hence the name). Forgot I switched it over to private when I planned on never applying for scripter rank. Bbuu20 - Your concern is understandable. If you had been around 3 months ago and for the year before that, you would have seen that I was very active. I switched labs in my PhD program which isn't something that happens all the time... In fact, most people never switch. My professor left my university so it was a pretty out-of-the-ordinary scenario. I took my scripts down because I didn't want a bunch of new scripters using my exact timings for things like walking, waiting to retry actions, etc. With just me using it, the ban rate was essentially 0 for my scripts. I was nervous that with a bunch of people using them, my accounts would start getting banned. As a premium scripter, I'd integrate something I've already started on for massively used scripts. As for not checking if the Github worked... It was late last night, I wanted to get the application in before bed. I had previously taken all the scripts off of it but forgot I had turned it private so people couldn't go in to past commits to find everything. An easy mistake to make... I didn't mean to have it seem like I didn't care about the application. I think the super intense java-doc in my code shows the amount of effort that's gone into this. Even if only a fraction of that was shown in my application.
  6. Repository: https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/3458
  7. Repository: https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/3457
  8. Repository: https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/3456
  9. Repository: https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/3455
  10. EDIT: Taking it down for now after multiple different requests. Talking to some people and then might put it back up. I'm trying to gauge people's interest so if you are interested, post here. I ran this script for ~2 months and accrued over 250m with it. I was convinced I wasn't going to ever get banned since it was a private script. Got cocky and ran it too much I guess. Here's what I got to with it, every kill besides the first ~5 were botted with this script. I actually got to ~1900 kills and further than the pics suggest but this is all I have screenshotted. I originally wasn't going to release this to the public, was going to hoard it to myself and become a Runescape billionaire. Depending on how much use it gets, I'll either work to become a premium scripter and release it or I'll modify it and keep it for myself. Here are some highlights from my few months of using it: It does work with LG but it breaks more often. Tribot will randomly stop detecting projectiles and you have to delete your hooks and restart. It doesn't happen as often with the normal client but I always used LG and would run it consistently for hours without it breaking. It seems like when the account logs out is when it needs reset. The script checks for equipment before boarding the boat each time. Here's the required items: I just added the option to skip this equipment check, but this means if you have items in the collection bin and you go in and die, those items will disappear. This should in theory be impossible since the script detects when you're in Falador (for now Fally is the only acceptable death spawn) and then goes to the collection bin and withdraws items until 0 are remaining. The requirements for this script are: Bastion potions, Extended super anti-dragonfire potions, Anti-venom(+) potions, Prayer potions, Gold (to rebuy items), house teleport tabs, Manta rays, dust runes and chaos runes. It doesn't support rune pouch (yet). You also cannot have Fremmy hard diary done as it uses the banker without a seal of passage to get teleported to Relleka. Your house needs an altar and a Lunar Isle Portal. Goodluck botting!!
  11. Never play for more than 6 hours straight and avoid being reported (ie. NMZ, set your bots to log out if anyone is around, etc).
  12. I bet if you try real hard, you can figure this one out without me explaining it. https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/3258
  13. Netami, you are another scripter that knows their shit but isn't normally a dick about it (like in this case). Thanks for the info, I was unaware it was against the rules to post on people's threads. I would personally prefer if people posted on my threads if they believed my script got them banned since it would notify me but I won't tell people to do that any more. I also just realized this post is from January... I have no idea why it came up in my feed.
  14. Why are people so rude when people talk about getting banned? Not everyone is botting throw-away accounts. I post when a script gets me banned so other people know not to use it on their main accounts. I appreciate when other people do the same. You seem new to Tribot. There are a LOT of outdated scripts that seem to get you banned just by using them (doesn't even matter if you get reported or not). I've used some scripts for an hour or so, watching the script as it worked and gotten banned. I use fresh IPs and clear my cache like I'm supposed to (look in to that). Some scripters are better at creating anti-ban than others but no script is perfect. I've found getting reported is the #1 cause of getting banned. Try to use bots that completely avoid other players, or bot in areas where there are so many people no one will notice you. Use free trials and test scripts on throw away accounts before trusting them on your main. Look at the user count for a premium script. If it's <5 people, no one uses it because it'll get you banned. Free scripts are tricky because even if they have 1000s of users, it might not be safe. Post on the thread for the script and ask if it's been updated lately. If you're banned, post on that thread so people know for the future. You'll get backlash for it since this community is kind of garbage but don't let that get to you. The better scripters are normally good people (they have nothing to prove by being a dick) and will offer you advise rather than belittling you. @adamhackz and @godspower33 are two examples of this. They were the only ones kind to you and they're two of the most knowledgeable people on this website. Some scripters I can personally recommend are Naton (nNightmareZone), Aropupu (aMiner, aPlunderer, aAgility, they're all solid), FalSkills (all of his quest scripts are great... Extremely underrated scripter IMO), Einstein (all of his scripts seem great), and Encoded (my FAVORITE scripter... I've used his scripts for years without ever getting banned by one, he provides most of them for free when they're better than premium scripts). I'm sure there are other scripters who have good scripts but these are the ones I have personal experience with that seem to work well. I also know some scripters to avoid or make sure you babysit. I'm not going to post that here. Message me for my own personal opinions... I don't know why people are dicks about it, but they're right. Even if you use the scripts by the better scripters, you always run the risk of a ban. I've had two main accounts banned after getting too cocky. I'm sorry for your loss. Hopefully you don't give up on botting.
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