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  1. no something has changed, i had 3 accounts to 99 over a month ago, now i can't get an account to last longer than 5 hours without getting banned
  2. @Fluffee can we have a update on ETA of patch ?
  3. JarFix worked for me too, was after i installed a newer version of java, messed up what it was opening with
  4. Cmon lads its been broken since thursday, please keep us updated
  5. Are we still likely to recieve this update today ?
  6. bot keeps right clicking nothing then moving mouse to the side, then going back and right clicking nothing, gets stuck in a loop until human interaction. Edit : no error messages present in the client so not really sure whats going on
  7. I can't seem to get anything to load lmao
  8. Hi love it so far, just a couple of observations 1. it won't start if the bot has client has disabled graphics (even if starting with arguments) kinda annoying. 2. would be nice to see an option for afking small periods of time when pickpocketing. 3. when pickpocketing the camera angle is abit low, leading to the bot right clicking because it has to click through trees and other options etc, a more verical camera angle would fix this. overall love the bot though good work.
  9. Mine have been failing all day, just weird not to see any other comments about it
  10. http://prntscr.com/oyto3l i have a limit of 5 instances for this script and i am only running 2 at once atm, ive checked my instance manager and i am not exceeding 2 at any time, any help please?
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