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  1. Hey! How do i add an argument to load a specific profile? I can't get it to work with a client starter.
  2. How many simple bots (fletching, woodcutting and things like that) Could i run on the "RSPRO+" package? It has these specifications: • Full Intel Core(s); Fully Customized• 5GB HDD/SSD, can store extra files• Select Your RAM, Minimum 2/4GB Burst• 1TB Bandwidth @ 1000 Mbps (Very Fast)• Hyperthreaded Cores, Dual Processor Server• OSBot, TriBot OS, and Powerbot RS3 Included
  3. Seems interesting! What kind of gold/hr can i excpect from cutting yews or magics?
  4. Hey! What are the ban rates like here? I can immagine fletching should be a pretty safe botting activity right?
  5. Hey I have an important question. If I don't select the option "Drop before looting chest or sarc" will it still drop something and pick up scepter if I get it?
  6. Thanks for that. But now I have another issue. How do I play on 2 accounts simultaneously with one differente proxy each, NOT through the tribot client? I am doing a fair bit of manual play on my bots but the tribot client is quite slow for me.
  7. Hey guys I just downloaded IPvanish. How can I use it to log into several different accounts all with different IP's? Is it even possible? I've been at it for hours and can't get it to work.
  8. Hello. Im 85+ smithing now doing rune bars witht his script, but I am just making around 500-600k/h profit making only 1100 bars/h. Im wondering what might be causing these low numbers? Yes I have graceful and ice gloves ofc.
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