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  1. Ran out of VIP. Sorry guys.
  2. It just waits for the emote to finish before completing the next action.
  3. Totally not trying to be rude but this is meant in a respectful way... why would we donate if you spent 2 minutes on the script and you don't care if there are bugs?
  4. The reason I made it run south rather than east was because by luring the guard south, it would make the guard be blocked by the stall but if you run east he will catch you again. I will definitely take that suggestion in to consideration. I might be redoing the GUI, in which case, I would add that for sure.
  5. For now stick to low player count worlds but I will try to speed up the response time when I get home.
  6. Try it again, I removed the painting objects. Let me know how things go.
  7. I'm not at home right now but when I get home I will remove it.
  8. Nice work, let me help you though. Yours: private final static int CAKEID = 1891;private final static int BREADID = 2309;private final static int CHOCID = 1901;Cleaned up: private final static int BAKEDITEMIDS[] = {1891, 2309, 1901};Nothing is wrong with your code but just an idea for the future Good work though mate! Correction: I see why you did them separately now, because you wanted to bank the regular cakes. Got it. But you could still do an array of items to eat even though that would only be two. Oh well though, good work.
  9. It's completely ridiculous. -.-
  10. Have fun man!
  11. Very well thought out. Nice work man. Looks tough but definitely possible Edit: Went and tried it, everyone knows it now.
  12. Click debug, then click objects, then click interactive objects. The bank id will be on the screen if you're standing next to it.
  13. This is my favorite script of yours. It gets me good cash and exp. Good work my friend. With 72 strength, I'm not making more than 28k exp per hour. Lucky if I'm at 28k exp but I enjoy it and I'm thankful for it, because it's free. Good stuff man.
  14. Fams, I've always loved your scripts. Good work man.
  15. Of course I provided the source for those who worry.