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  1. Even with the numerical world ordering it will hop to incorrect worlds. I had an account banned last wee , whilst using this script, whilst it was right in a DMM mode character selection screen. today upon using it still the same issues have you not even tested your script? just disable the world hopping option, disable any hovering over the world hop tab, entirely, keep the script as human as possible, I'd be happy to baby sit this, which I already am, so design it off that.
  2. to be honest, the running back is probably quicker and the script handles it fine, but I've caught the bot on a the character select screen of the dmm worlds now lol, luckily I was with it, but there was atleast a min of spamming before catching it
  3. this script, word hopped upon seeing a potential player pker, on wild alter, hooped to a non members world and started to spam click my burning amulet, there needs to be an anti ban fail safe if no xp has been gained, this sees to be a recurring issue on all your scripts. In addition why would it hop to a non members world? this should be reviewed asap, the bot will cone to spam click after switching to a non member world, this is a hue over sight , that needs to be fixed
  4. This was caught on the house viewer/ layout tab, it must of mis clicked; I came back 30min later to find it spam clicking over this in game interface it had accidentally opened, I've so far not had a good experience with this bot tbh. both times I've used the trial, upon release and now. Big fan of your prayer script however, the wildy alter is great
  5. Super stoked to see you've released an agility script, id been hoping you'd do one since I've used all your other ones and they're head and toes above all the other scripts in similar categories at the moment, I especially like the new gui and loading thing. in regards to the agility pyramid, does it support lunar humidify or does it need restocking of waterskins periodically ? Many thanks
  6. trailed this for the 1-33 proggresive mode, house purchased in rimmighton, started in ge, nothing happens, tried again with planks and nails in inv, still nothing, any ideas?
  7. my client seems to be stuck at downloading script, non of the other bots I have have this issue, any ideas? many thanks!
  8. Guys what are good stats that will attract people to stake me and also give me an advantage for whipping boxing and ddsing , and which of these do you find most successful. Thankss
  9. Great script, Only problem is that it doesn't use up all the tokens. Lets say The bot collects 800 tokens, when in the Cyclopes room It will leave to collect for tokens when the tokens reach 400 not 0, this is reducing the xp and makes it pretty pointless collecting so many tokens. Please can you tell me how to fix this if its me that doing something wrong Thanks
  10. Tri can you issue me with a refund for this script? It doesn't work. All It does is freeze Its really frustrating me
  11. So I brought this script on day of release, Its doesnt run for longer than 30 seconds, That isn't an exaggeration or a joke, Its annoying, As I really Hoped to use this script on all my accounts to get to 99's. Can I get a refund or access to a script of yours that actually works like yaks.
  12. This script is broken, Its not detecting any monsters no mater how many times I press refresh, so I cant even use it becease it doesnt even realise theres anything there to attack. Paid 20$ for this, i expected it to actualy work when I paid.
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