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  1. It is not possible to use the mirror mode to made new programs, it is not capturing the coordinates. Another point outside the LG mode, looting bag locking, it will deposit the items and opens and closing, opening and closing ... Sometimes it crashes, but I think it's a failure in the walking system Otherwise have nothing to complain about, everything is perfect!
  2. #nSmither Settings #Mon May 20 15:52:05 BRT 2019 accurateMouse=true useStopCondition=false mouseSpeedMin=100 dismissRandoms=false smeltingItem=BARS hammerPrice=500 stopConditionType=LEVEL goldRequest=500000 onlyDwarfCannon=false mule=false worldHopMax=0 maxQuantity=10000 executeNextEntry=false muleWhenOver=1000000 barPrice=ADD_FIVE_PERCENT afkSD=15 escapeCloseBank=false frequencyMax=1500 numberKeys=false mouseSpeedMax=100 customMouseSpeed=false mouseOffScreenChance=ALWAYS keepDartsInInventory=false smithingItem=AUTOMATIC shiftClickCoalBag=false muleAddress= worldHopAverage=0 alwaysHover=false muleID=1 hoverOffScreen=false worlds= finishQuest=false playerSearchRange=0 stuckFailSafe=true worldHopSD=0 progression= sometimesCloseBank=true cashIn=false useCoalBag=false logout=false cannonballsInInventory=true bar=MITHRIL disablePaint=false frequencyMean=500 muleGPToKeep=500000 useMaxQuantity=false smithingLocation=VARROCK_WEST ironBarPrice=ADD_FIVE_PERCENT afkMin=15 restock=false stopConditionValue=0 worldHopSequentially=false hoverInterfaces=false frequencySD=50 timeBasedWorldHopping=false cameraType=TRIBOT_CAMERA_ABC2 trackers=true useSpaceBar=false playersInRange=0 bronzeBarPrice=ADD_FIVE_PERCENT worldHopMin=0 forgingRing=true afkMax=150 afkMean=45 reactionTimeScale=75.0 mouseOffScreen=false keepBarsNoted=true hoverBankItems=false muleThreshold=false hopPlayerTalks=false hopPlayersInRange=false cannonballPrice=SUBTRACT_FIVE_PERCENT randomAfking=true frequencyMin=300 smithingMethod=SMITH
  3. @FALSkills Concert now working. But anyway how do I initialize one by one using the delay, using 5 acc or more?
  4. @FALSkills How can I use the argument to run the delay? Have more than one account, do I have to create a file with all the arguments? I tried to run everything according to the arguments below, and all the screens opened at the same time. **I changed the name from delay to TribotStarter. I tried diferents scripts, keep doing this: [18:51:50] Failed to auto-start script "Einstein's Miner" (USER NOT FOUND). [18:51:50] Failed to auto-start script "login" (USER NOT FOUND).
  5. I have tried several scripts and other bots until I find their scripts. I have to say, they are the best of Tribot! I'm getting to 72 (mining / fishing / woodcut) with almost 100% of the farm. And yes I also use it in my main: P
  6. @Einstein How to do a trade-i-game and don't be flag? Like, I have to gave coins to one account, this account give money to the mule. But they are linked, how can I do this safe?
  7. Can you add multiple accounts at one time? It would be really cool if you could import the accounts the same way they are done by the scripts: [email protected]: pass Like the file "proxies.ini"
  8. The bot Bank the Net, and went to fishing spot, stays there tring to fishing. Allready trie to Delete Hook Rune, trie diferents set-ups/ acc's. **obs: just on progressive mode, just now I set-up just to fish one spot.
  9. This was because i Had my ip blocked.. Now i'm getting this: Why?
  10. @Fluffee What I'm doing wrong? https://www.dropbox.com/s/6kbijc2f9suezf7/Doc2.pdf?dl=0 Can you help me? I wanna to used to create new accounts from 0.
  11. @Einstein There some GUI on sript? Can i call "load last settings" on Queue?
  12. @Optimus When you allready have one open client running the AIO, its impossible to set the secound screen. The AIO asumes the position of the first client, don't show the monsters on area. The only way to start with two or more clients is loading one program allready saved. Sometimes rapens with no other aio open, I can't used when have one or more bot running... Just can configure it when is the first open and don't have other running.
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