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  1. would this lead to chain banning if only running one instance on an alternative account?
  2. can you update so it makes available Prifddinas and does not drop the Crystal Shards
  3. UPDATE: +1 just got 99 herblore with this script from 90-99 straight, love all ur scripts keep up the good work!
  4. I have got 99 mining and smithing using your scripts looking forward to adding herblore to it hopefully!!! thanks heaps man
  5. Can someone send me a link to the RSBuddy Client to use for LG? My OSB just comes up as a black screen, was working prior to this update
  6. Hey Einstein love the script like all ur other ones!! Just wondering why the xp rates can sometimes be heavily behind what you should be expecting? is it due to the ABC2? eg. 30k xp/hr at seers but very unlikely chance of ban compared to 55k xp/hr and high chance of ban? or is the script just inefficient currently? thanks man
  7. I want to buy LG again but honestly cba wasting money (like i did last time) unless it will work/and work into the future. Didn't even get to use once before it stopped working, hope tribot enjoyed the donation
  8. could u post/pm any links? been looking around for ages and cannot find any @filthyfrank
  9. I know there are gear/prayer switchers out there, but was wondering if it was possible for someone to make a plugin/script that autoswitches your prayer for things like triple jads during the inferno? Or is this impossible due to game ticks? Cheers
  10. hey just wondering why the script takes so long to bank? getting 150-160k xp/hr making air bstaffs....
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