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  1. " teleport runes " : inventory find " teleport runes " click " Break " " teleport tablets " in " magic " click " Cast " yes or no ?
  2. Take Falador for example. I've been using "Falador teleport runes" until it stopped working two days ago. Just when I changed to "Falador teleport tablets", could use the teleport runes.
  3. if i choose teleport tablet so use teleport runes.Do you know what I mean?
  4. I found a problem. You set up magic and runes by mistake.
  5. Can't use teleport runes, only uses walking. I've uploaded my settings file and script travel page settings.
  6. this is my settings please help me aAgility3_settings.ini
  7. unavailable use to all teleport runes for v3. Please check
  8. Sometimes the script will fail here and not stop . Don't buy Shantay pass , Please check this error .
  9. Don't eat the cake. It has been changed to automatic use automatic don't know if there will be new problems I'm using aAgility v3.
  10. bao5757

    Eagle's Peak

    It's not a script problem, it's the maintenance last week that caused the unavailability. Now the client has been repaired and can be used normally .
  11. I think filthyfrank is wrong, because I bought it from him before, and it's the problem many times. A discredited businessman The Chinese are the papa you can't to cause trouble 中国人是你惹不起的爸爸
  12. bao5757

    Eagle's Peak

    Script failed to start
  13. This lamp How to choose a specific skill to gain XP?
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