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  1. Sometimes the script will fail here and not stop . Don't buy Shantay pass , Please check this error .
  2. Don't eat the cake. It has been changed to automatic use automatic don't know if there will be new problems I'm using aAgility v3.
  3. bao5757

    Eagle's Peak

    It's not a script problem, it's the maintenance last week that caused the unavailability. Now the client has been repaired and can be used normally .
  4. I think filthyfrank is wrong, because I bought it from him before, and it's the problem many times. A discredited businessman The Chinese are the papa you can't to cause trouble 中国人是你惹不起的爸爸
  5. bao5757

    Eagle's Peak

    Script failed to start
  6. This lamp How to choose a specific skill to gain XP?
  7. How to choose a specific skill to gain XP?
  8. This script don't work. For example: not discard meat and bones, not pick up traps captured. Can fix it?
  9. @Fluffee @Usa Can we solve it first - Fix handling of the new welcome screen? No updates have been made for 50 + hours since the announcement.
  10. Robots need to be re-landed every six hours. Any script in the new welcome screen is invalid. Please indicate whether it is already under processing. I don't know who should @
  11. The script can't stop after pausing,too. The running time of the script will overlap indefinitely in 18,000 hours. Most of these cases are due to the failure of Find a route.
  12. Recently, it was found that the script stopped working normally. Cannot use stop script. Has anyone encountered such a situation?
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