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  1. I don’t agree with that... he has been more than willing to help me with my issues and is $5 breaking anyone’s bank I think it’s very reasonable priced maybe it was removed to fix it and he has offered to give me refund before so not money hungry
  2. why thank you... it never used to crash like for sorry if I got frustrated a bit its just it was my only day off this week and was hoping to smash some zulrah in and couldn't get to do any because im garbage at it... there are a other few small things that could be improved, like the prayer sometimes still being highlighted even though your praying correct, ill try send u some vids again, now I know what im doing a bit more its dealable with but when I first started it messed my head up a little it would be better for the people just starting zulrah sometimes it doesn't recognise theres a ranged potion there... obviously not a massive problem but just thought idd let you know as im sure you would rather know I wasn't sure if it was a script or client issue... but anyway I apologise for the frustration... if anyone reads this don't be discouraged the script is well worth it
  3. ive tried it both ways still doesn't happen
  4. 12 hours and im still awaiting help, please someone I just want this problem sorted so I don't have to wait any longer, is tribot always this poor for helping its customers?
  5. link removed I found a better site where you can just watch the vid
  6. deleted due to incriminating evidence here is the video...
  7. I have recorded it and sent it to you... I would rather just the script work to be honest as I like it its just taking a lot longer than anticipated to sort this out
  8. if my request for help continues to be ignored how do I get a refund?
  9. multiple times... im downloading a recorder hopefully I can get a vid up soon as im not the best at describing the problems
  10. I tried joining the link in and it came up with this https://gyazo.com/0b580748e1669b6346f63555eb614709 getting very frustrated with this please for the love of god someone help me....
  11. https://gyazo.com/0b580748e1669b6346f63555eb614709
  12. it wont let me join I tried the #tribotchat1
  13. its zulrah helper...im new here I don't know the jist of the site im sorry... I bought not long ago and am very disappointed its not working no matter what I do, I end the instances delete every tribot document re download do everything the support asks and nothing, I can get the instances bug to stop but still every time I try load the bot it crashes on this point and I need to run task manager to end it https://gyazo.com/4b0c39c24221e2ef9db938c39d5d60aa
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