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  1. You can swap this setting in your bios.
  2. Idempotence to me is really important. I prefer a stateless script, and my understanding is that most other people will as well. One case should pertain to only one action if you break your cases down enough. Even cycling through text boxes, you can find uniqueness in each one and how to handle that should be different than others. The script won't get stuck at an odd edge-case, either after a random or something else because a previous state isn't held or required to carry on.
  3. You can ban/allow only certain users to use a script based on username is one use case for it.
  4. If you have a version it isn't going anywhere. I can't remove byte code from your computer. This is going to be closed until further notice. I'd rather not delete the topic since there is some useful information here and at some point I'd like to bring this script back. If anyone has any questions regarding the script or my decision please PM me.
  5. Removing the script at the end of the day. NewBotterFTW has a script. There's no reason to have two of these up there and I'm fairly tired of maintaining it.
  6. It isn't permanent. Or it might be, and I'll have people PM me and I'll give them the unrestricted copy. It's been up with the 2 hour limit for about a week now and I've received 2 PMs, and seen maybe 5 more people post on this thread in regards to the script. That's out of 47 downloads. So 8/47 people, and a 17% activity rate doesn't seem like something to be thrilled about.
  7. Yessir. It's until I feel people begin to appreciate scripting once again, and the prices of rune arrows doesn't tank. Mladen you have the src, feel free to modify the part on the conditional that will prevent it. Also if anyone is smart enough to know how to use a Java Bytecode Editor or JOE to change it, you're welcome to it. You'll be smart enough to write this yourself if you care that much and I don't much care if you change it that way. All I ask is you use it for yourself for the above reasons stated. The only benefit of this script is that it is complete idempotent and entirely stateless so you can start it from anywhere (within the range guild).
  8. Glad you guys are happy about it! See how happy you make scripters when you say a few nice things? Can anyone tell me of the longest duration run you've had recently? I'm curious to see how the interface closing on random detection is working. EDIT: Also, awesome, it seems we hit over 100 posts on this thread, and only two or three of mine were drunk/angry!
  9. It's running fine, I just downloaded and ran the script like you should be able to. Feel free to post more relevant information if you want it resolved leech.
  10. If you don't have gold in your inventory it won't start. Look for that?
  11. Updated the script. Added a security feature as well as an attempt to reduce CPU usage for everyone. Despite the exceptionally worthless people like cow nugget, there are still a few of you who are okay dudes. Be sure to re-download and let me know how it works!
  12. Updated for public use with a two hour limit. Also sent src to your mladen.
  13. I've yet to be told what is wrong with the script other than "it doesn't work" or "it just stands there". Read the logs, tell me what it says. Try to replicate different states and see if it does anything. Not to mention, there's no appreciation in this community. I've had two people post progress reports out of the 146 downloads. You're all predominantly leeches who are too lazy to learn to script yourselves for things you want, and the only time you'll contact the author about a script they made is when it doesn't work up to your standards. Never with words of appreciation unless there is an underhanded complaint grouped in, never to try to help to make the script better, never for anything other than your own selfish needs. It's pathetic, this script hasn't been working for a few days, and already I've seen two requests by you cow nugget for a different range guild script. Try contributing, try making a difference in the community. If people would like this script to be updated by myself, I don't have an account anymore with 40 range. I'll need one to test. Simple as that. That being said. It's likely this script no longer runs is due to it still being a .class file when we were asked to change to .tribot files. I will be patching this aspect when it suits me (read as: soon), and will NOT be open sourcing this. If people feel they deserve a copy of the src code PM me and I'll weigh whether or not you would benefit or bring about something positive from having it.
  14. All right. I'll post the source later for you guys. Not really fully interested in maintaining this project anymore so if you guys can learn from it and update it then best of luck to you!
  15. vex8

    vFlax Picker [900+/hr]

    If you could tell me what was wrong with it more than "It starts and stops" it could be of more help. Read through what the logs say and post them here.
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