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  1. What do you mean showing the code on the forums? Just giving the source?
  2. Dibes

    Client debug clips off my error

    I found out what the issue was, it was me being retarded. And I couldn't do that since my loop class allows my script to run (hence loop ), because the standard overrides method run is simply from a runnable method, so I made my own small framework. It was just being dumb. I think I have it all sorted out now.
  3. Dibes

    Client debug clips off my error

    I understand that, but the script can't function to run without the while loop that is running the whole script... also picture http://puu.sh/5qfvL.png
  4. Dibes

    Client debug clips off my error

    It happens somehow because says there is an error when I call my loop func and it says it like 300 times xD, i'm sure it was an NPE though. I think I might have finally found the issue though.
  5. Dibes

    Client debug clips off my error

    I'm not retarded haha. It literally clips/deletes text after a certain line threshold. I'll get a picture when it happens again.
  6. I am having a specific error right now in my loop class, and the client debug clips the error by deleting the lines that tell me exactly what the error is. Is there a way to record the full text of the client debug? If not then there needs to be a way.
  7. As of the newer version 4.1 or 4.2+ I believe you can. I switched to Intellij before that was added and then fell in love with the workflow and code completion. Regardless they are both good IDE's and i'll address both. UPDATED TUTORIAL: Added Video 3!
  8. The main differences is the ability to use different themes (such as dark ones <3) and the code completion is SIGNIFICANTLY better than that of eclipse. I will do that as soon as I finish rendering this video!
  9. Dibes Tutorial Series Hi, My name is Dibes. I decided I wanted to dedicate a video series covering everything you need to start creating your own scripts! I plan to break these up into segments that are under 10 minutes in length each. It will begin with the very first setup for Tribot and continue on into the variable types and then onto how to use them to create a script. At the end we will add paint and create a GUI so it is easier on the end user to use! What will this series teach you? How to setup Tribot in intellijBasic scripting for TribotHow to develop logic in order to create robust scriptsHow to go through the Tribot DocsHow to create a PaintHow to create a GUITable Of Contents: Video 1: Settings up Tribot in IntellijVideo 2: An Overview of the Script Skeleton and Variable TypesVideo 3: Creating your first PowerChopping Script!Video 4: Banking and Pathing!Video 5: TBD Video 1: Setting up Tribot in Intellij or Eclipse Video 2: An Overview of the Script Skeleton and Variable Types Video 3: Creating your first PowerChopping Script! Video 4: Banking and Pathing
  10. Yeah I know the sound sucks. And yes I will
  11. This is just a beginners tutorial, I want them to get familiar with the ideas behind how the API handles getting objects and NPC's and such so they can formulate their own methods to return the object and NPC they want. That way they don't simply copy and settle with the method I would have made
  12. Hey guys, I decided to start a series to cover everything you need to know to make a powerful script in tribot. My end goal for this series is to go over everything from the basic script to paint to listeners. Table Of Contents: What is in this video:- A discussion of the skeleton of a Tribot Script- The creation of a basic Woodcutting Script- Techniques for creating logical, functional scripts- Advice on how to structure your script for easy modification and extension