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  1. What do you mean showing the code on the forums? Just giving the source?
  2. I used web walking so I didn't have to deal with finding the nearest bank, but I may change that to an actually reliable method of walking
  3. I found out what the issue was, it was me being retarded. And I couldn't do that since my loop class allows my script to run (hence loop ), because the standard overrides method run is simply from a runnable method, so I made my own small framework. It was just being dumb. I think I have it all sorted out now.
  4. I understand that, but the script can't function to run without the while loop that is running the whole script... also picture http://puu.sh/5qfvL.png
  5. It happens somehow because says there is an error when I call my loop func and it says it like 300 times xD, i'm sure it was an NPE though. I think I might have finally found the issue though.
  6. I'm not retarded haha. It literally clips/deletes text after a certain line threshold. I'll get a picture when it happens again.
  7. I am having a specific error right now in my loop class, and the client debug clips the error by deleting the lines that tell me exactly what the error is. Is there a way to record the full text of the client debug? If not then there needs to be a way.
  8. OH. I'm so dumb. I didn't realize that was an interface haha. Thanks a ton!
  9. I already looked at those, I'm not sure how to implement them
  10. Yeah, I just need to know how to programmatically get a boolean method to tell me whether or not the random solver is on so I can stop the execution of my script manually so it doesn't get stuck in my loop class like it is.
  11. It seems that whenever a random happens, it screws over my entire script somehow. I need to make a check for if the random solver is working or if it is done.
  12. This would be the best method to do it without screwing up your script at all.
  13. Nolan. you dumb.
  14. Yeah it works fine for me. Delete your tribot folder in %appdata% then roaming and then .tribot
  15. Yeah, that is a bug with their Walking method in the API they need to work out. I've noticed it does that sometimes but unfortunately I can't do anything about it.