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  1. Runnwith


    Gotta clarify bud, because you're saying that you either were botting while being on the same IP as playing your main. Or you're surprised that you were banned for botting.
  2. Hiyo Lan, just a one thing I've noticed when thieving at Zeah Fruit stalls that even after setting to drop everything via a value. It would eventually start just dropping everything besides Limes. I fixed that using the ID for limes to make sure it drops them. Could be user error on my part but I just wanted to let you know. I can attach a gif of it doing it if needed with an SS of my previous settings.
  3. On the script repository it says that it is Looking glass compatible, there's a trial as well so you could see how it fares for your needs.
  4. Have you utilized the 30 minute trial as well? This might help your skepticism
  5. Have you tried the free trial of this? So far LG has been working well with this script with my experience. (Take this with a grain a salt as I have <20 minutes worth of run time so far.)
  6. Hiyo everyone, just thought I would get the ball rolling for being engaged in this community. You all seem like swell bunch and I look forward to talking to you or doing services for you in the near future! Thanks for taking time to read this.
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