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  1. @chachacha Right click the little icon on the left and then click "Restore to default"
  2. Any plans on adding some more logic when getting KC if we are stuck with the "You're already under attack" message? Maybe just tele back to Clan Wars or something like that to avoid the inevitable death when you run out of food?
  3. Are dynamic signatures broken? My stats haven't updated for a couple days.
  4. I'm not exactly sure what happens because I haven't been around the past two times, but when I have breaks set up it seems to malfunctions. It says waiting to break at Clan Wars but then idles at Barrows gets logged out and wont log back in.
  5. This is great bought it after the free trial and I have no complaints.
  6. Cleared the hooks and cache and when I start the script it just says deathwalking and wont do anything just sits at Clan Wars
  7. Cave bugs + Cave slimes not a huge deal just something I noticed
  8. Uses Glory to go to Draynor and then runs to Lumbridge instead of using Lumbridge tele tabs.
  9. Babysat the script for an hour and a half or so and didn't run into any bugs. This is very promising
  10. No longer needed
  11. You can use the trial of ExShopper but besides that no.
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