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  1. Works flawlessly on Debian 8.1 thank you much!
  2. Thanks for your constructive response I'll have my money back before Friday I initiated a charge back because of false advertising.
  3. Bought the 5G plan and 1 bot is taking up 18% of my memory trash tier service... Wasted 30 bucks for absolute dog shit.
  4. I'm getting about 2100 mithril bars/hr with Ice gloves, coal bag stamina pots and 2 pieces of Graceful does this seem low? GE Tracker is saying you should be able to smelt 3450/hr are they just exaggerating or are there some setting I should look into?
  5. Still not working even after I disable Avas and have no ammo in the ammo slot.
  6. Anyone know what I might be doing wrong? The script keeps using the dueling ring to go TP repeatedly and doesn't bank at all. Deleting hooks and cache hasn't helped. Edit: It's saying trying to fix our ammo situation when I don't have any ammo or refilling the blowpipe activated.
  7. This script is awesome thank you so much!!!
  8. Iban's makes it way more efficient no?
  9. When can we expect the premium version I don't want to do the whole quest line manually to bot Barrows
  10. I bought charcoal instead of coal by accident, I wonder how long that would've taken me to figure out if you didn't ask. Thanks!
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