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  1. Thanks but I got perm'd today so won't be needing that anymore lol
  2. Looking to level up range on my pure by chinning. Couldn't find any good scripts for it. Was curious if anyone else knew of scripts to recommend.
  3. I had an issue running this script when it got to the GE buyer: Put in an offer for everything it needed, everything bought except dbones and hard leather. Went to status "Restless Ghost" Opened bank and went to withdraw 1 stamina potion (my only stamina potion) As bank was open dbones offer went through As soon as 1 stamina was withdrawn the status went to "Home teleport" but seemed to be jumping between that and another status rapidly (Bank interface still open) Script froze at this point. I paused and closed the bank interface and resumed, and that fixed it. EDIT- Failed clicking on the wizards tower door to enter the room with the ladder in Restless Ghost, required intervention
  4. I had the same problem. Solution was to open command prompt (as admin?) and run the command: javaw.exe -jar "C:\location\TRiBot_Loader.jar" You can also make it into a .bat file
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