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  1. It's a marketplace, sales are going live on May 1st so it will really depend then. But give that our sales commission will be 0% for the first few months, rates should be as low as in forums but with 100% payment security guarantee (i.e. no chargebacks for sellers).
  2. Hey sorry we had it in our test environment, forgot to deploy it into live version Feel free to check it now and thanks for the hint!
  3. If you BUY gold from a SELLER - you do not risk getting a ban. If you SELL gold to a BUYER - you are risking to get banned.
  4. Depends on whether you are buying or selling. Buyers don't get banned for buying because that's like 60% of the player base. Jagex is only interested in sellers. So I wouldn't be concerned about chatting and creating context. As for selling, you can never be too careful. I, personally, don't chat, but I guess it does give you more leeway when appealing a ban.
  5. Don't know much about this, but it's possible that JDK was trying to open the file in an "edit" format?
  6. What if they give you the email used for the account and also all the recovery questions so that you can change the email password and recovery questions? Would that prevent them from recovering it?
  7. Exactly this. For good private scripts, you gotta build connections and googling "private script" won't do that for you.
  8. Gl on finding a legit private script. A lot of resellers on the market rn.
  9. Your machine is probably flagged as a botting system by Jagex
  10. EldoradoGG


    You could try locating them through messages. As far as I know, messages stay even after you delete a person from friends.
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