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  1. Had a 21 hour proggie yesterday. I'm not sure why your accounts were banned, but the script isn't detected. It implements ABC2 level 10, each account behaves differently.
  2. That should be working. Try removing the second module.
  3. Update: Re-implemented profile saving/loading Re-implemented arguments to bypass gui Updated GUI
  4. Jagex doesn't detect what machine the clients are running on, so as long as they're on different ips, they won't be associated with one another.
  5. You could try uninstalling all versions of java 8 on your computer, and then install the newest java 8 jdk at: https://www.oracle.com/java/technologies/javase-jdk8-downloads.html You could also try deleting your .tribot folder, either before or after reinstalling java.
  6. It’s a java issue. Check this page: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/16428098/groovy-shell-warning-could-not-open-create-prefs-root-node
  7. Does your script have a script manifest with all the necessary fields? Are you actually putting the compiled class files into your scripts folder, or just the .java files? You may be better off changing the compile path to your scripts folder, that way you won't make that mistake.
  8. This looks amazing, nice work!
  9. Looks really cool and useful, congrats on release
  10. Update: Removed 3 tick mining/profiles/args for now, these features need more work before this script is complete Added progressive mining option Updated gui Let me know if you have any feedback! Edit: Fixed a gui issue
  11. Same could be said about yours: https://github.com/Will--B/ I'm voting no based on the laziness/haste of this application alone. I understand you've been told that the scripter rank is easier to obtain now than it used to be, but you are extremely far from being an active user, and you don't even have vip. When is the last time you tested one of these scripts? Clearly, they haven't been tested in months, since it appears you haven't been vip since October. In your first scripter app, you said "Of course, life happens and it's possible that I'll never get around to a bunch of AIO premium scripts... If not, at least the community is left with a bunch of high-quality free scripts", and then proceeded to remove all your scripts, as well as their source code, once "life happened". All of your scripts posted here were uploaded last night, and you didn't even make sure the link to your github worked before posting your application. Last night on discord, you said: "Too much work to justify spending time doing this. Now I'm quarantined and have a bit of time." The whole point of making the scripter application process more forgiving is to allow active members of the tribot community to write quality, open source scripts, without needing to pay the $8/month for vip. At this time, you are not at all an active member of the tribot community, and you pretty much admitted you will leave again once you are no longer quarantined. My opinion doesn't matter as much as some other's here, but I feel this application was very rushed, with little effort put into it. I believe a scripter should need to prove they are an active member of the community, and shouldn't admit they are only here because they have some extra time for a few weeks/months. I would be much more inclined to vote yes if you were to stick around at least for a few weeks before applying for scripter. I would also like to make it clear that I don't mean to insult you with anything I've said, I just really want my opinion to be heard about this application. I really feel it would be a spit in the face to myself, and all the other scripters on tribot, if such a low effort application is approved.
  12. bbuu20


    Have you tried jarfix? https://johann.loefflmann.net/en/software/jarfix/index.html
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