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  1. This is old, but for anyone having trouble with this, I needed to add Apache's commons-lang3 jar to the classpath, along with any external libraries you may have in VM options. Otherwise, the 'Start script' button crashed. There's probably a way in IntelliJ to set the configuration to use the same classpath as you have setup in the intellij project, but I haven't found it yet. Thanks for the tutorial, haven't found anything else on debugging through IDE for tribot, and manually debugging makes me want to die.
  2. Any way to turn off continuing the kill from death under any circumstance? I'll have half an inv of food and the bot thinks it can go in and kill it, wasting the food/pots.
  3. Got a 2 day ban with LG on a no ban 15 year old account from canafis rooftop. Might just call it a day on botting that one.
  4. Thanks for the info, I guess run energy would be an ABC problem then. Could you comment on the werewolf agility food problem?
  5. Can't get grabbing equipment to work. Equipment tab open, latest jdk8, tried deleting .tribot. edit: Was a firewall issue somehow, working now.
  6. Questions: 1. Any chance for randomizing the time for hopping worlds? Hopping at the exact same amount of minutes every time is pretty bot-like, unless there's randomization not shown already (I haven't exactly been timing it). 2. Can sara brews/strawberry baskets be supported? Doesn't look like it supports brews, which is a bit of a head scratcher. Angular fish are working fine for now. 3. The bot turns on run energy at exactly 40% every single time. Can this be randomized too? Very inhuman. Edit: @Einstein Things I've noticed that weren't working as intended: 1. Bot got stuck at beginning of werewolf course trying to world hop. Tried to go to world in low 300s, just sat on the screen hovering over one of the worlds in the 500s. Had to manually fix. May have fixed itself after getting logged out due to afk. Only log was 'Script failed to hop worlds, retrying'. 2. The bot also always decides to afk in the corner west of the first stepping stone. Doesn't get stuck, but doesn't look natural. No logs here except the ones about disabling antiban for afk. 4. And finally, and this is rather important, if the bot runs out of food at werewolf, it doesn't log out. I caught it continuing the course as low as 22hp. Failing the final obstacle can do up to 30hp in damage, so if I had left the bot I most likely would have died and lost graceful pieces. Also no logs here. Otherwise, the actual completing of the course is going well. All problems are either with the anti-ban or food consumption.
  7. Answered, thanks. Script is doing just fine at canafis besides that. Any plans on adding Werewolf course? Best xp and I couldn't care much about marks of grace once I have the outfit.
  8. Yep, I was going varrock t canafis. Kharyll tab support would be cool but really not necessary. Once I got to 50, the bot also failed to teleport to falador then logged out. As for eating, I missed the 'go to bank for food when out' option ? Here are my settings in case canafis to falador was supposed to be supported: #Settings # disableABC2afk=false screenTileRandom=false mogBreaks=false moveClick=false variationAFK=16 summerPie=false enableSpam=false maxDelay=300000 moreSeersRunes=false disableScreen=false summerActualMin=1 leftHurdle=true enableGold=false disableRightHover=false summerActual=true whPlayerAmount=1 summerWaitMax=90 hiddenBeforeProbability=Often hideChatMax=60 mogMin=60 useSuper=false commonTimeoutAFK=755 useStamina=true stopLevelBox=false enableDrinking=false minTimeoutAFK=105 enableFastClick=false minimapHover=false whMode=true frontPipe=true screenClickable=false disableFalador=false getAlchRunes=false talkGenie=true abc2Modifier=Default failTeleport=false useApe=false stopAfterLapsBox=false customAir=false maxClicks=5 fastHide=false closerPipe=false hoveringDelay=false seconds=seconds disableAllCamera=false useTablets=false customLaw=false dropMethod=Normal dropping customGoldBox=false rightHover=false disableVarrock=false beforeCameraSlider=50 enableEating=true autoLevelBox=false drinkAmount=5 customNature=false delayModifierSlider=100 fireRuneAmount= disableScreenCamera=true paintInv=false minDelay=0 walkingCamera=false paintChat=true food=Cake alchingID=0,0,0,0 maxAlchAmount=3 selectedCourse=Canifis Rooftop useAmulet=false whileCameraSlider=49 screenOverride=false minAFK=0 commonClicks=3 secondPriority=Click on a screen tile to walk to the obstacle useKnife=false variationWH=35 stopLogout=true airRuneAmount=1250 ingameSwitcher=true secondProbability=Sometimes disableCamera=false lowAlch=false breakTime=false minutes=minutes alchOverride=false customMouseSpeed=true useEnergy=false homePriority=false useRunes=false whRange=30 hideTabsMax=60 stopFood=false disableSeers=false screenProbability=Often hiddenBefore=false hiddenCamera=true summerWait=true maxAlchs=false useBarbarian=false commonWH=110 noPaintReset=false quickDelayModifier=5 middleHurdle=true summerWaitMin=20 useWere=false hideChatMin=0 useBoth2=true maxSpeed=103 firstPriority=Rotate camera to see the obstacle customDelays=false apeAtollTeleport=false newDelaysOnly=false variationTimeoutAFK=455 foodToBank=true skillsNecklace=true screenHover=false daxmage=false walkingCameraSlider=50 stopAfterLaps=50 mogReset=false hideChat=false disableCameraLimit=false talkativeMode=false ardougneSkills=true preCastAlch=false whileCamera=false hours=hours meanDelay=1000 customGold=1000 afkMouse=Always getItems=true screenFrontCamera=false natureRuneAmount= disableRandomClick=false summerTab=true stopLevel=99 useDorgesh=false useItems=true useBoth=true beforeCamera=false useRing=false abcDisableCamera=false abcPipe=false summerActualMax=2 disablePaint=false pickMarks=true disableDelays=false disableArdougne=false foodAmount=20 mogMax=240 afkMode=false screenSideCamera=false alch=false disablePoll=false mogStop=false disableRellekka=false maxTimeoutAFK=3015 changeClicking=false minSpeed=99 potionToBank=false hideTabs=false sdDelay=750 mogWait=false minWH=65 playerDetector=false maxAFK=290 summerLevel=96 defaultMap=true enableTurbo=false disableMinimap=false hideTabsMin=0 disableAlKharid=false deadmanMode=false customAmount=true useCamelot=false firstProbability=Often rightHurdle=true disableDraynor=false commonAFK=23 hoverPaint=true increasedMap=false minClicks=1 seersLogout=false delayModifier=false customhp=true disableHoverCamera=false summerLevelBox=false rightProbability=Always randomAlchs=false highAlch=true lawRuneAmount=250 veryRandomMap=false cameraMethod=Let Tribot choose disableCanifis=false quickDelays=false useWild=false disableFailsafe=false dismiss=true maxWH=245 seersWalk=false useTeleport=true hpText=40 stopAfter=false seersTablets=false customFire=false
  9. Enabled teleporting and tabs/glories/etc and searching in bank, bot decided to run to canafis without checking bank instead. Not a huge problem tbh, but the bot also isn't banking for food despite being enabled for cakes. Unsure if my agility/hp level are high enough for that to not matter, will find out.
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