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  1. If the final version of the script works as requested then yes, I would also cancel the dispute.
  2. 1. @JoeDezzy1 2. https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/3104-dicing-bot/ 3. Febuary 15, 2019 4. 6 months 5. Have contacted author frequently to fix these issues and do not get a response for extended periods of time. When author is available, they have not made any effort to fix said issues. Author was helpful in setting up a version that I could modify, however, expected that I would resolve the issues. The issues are mentioned next and were above my level of understanding of java. The issues were brought to the author's attention March 23, 2019. 6. Bot walks to place and doesn't advertise message. Once bot is coaxed into advertise, the preset messages display incorrectly. When someone gambles and wins on the bot, it takes a long time to pay out. If someone trades the bot before it trades them it will pay them their winnings, it will then trade them again and pay them again. Author did not include what was originally requested on how the bot should operate. Attached the advertising issue below, this is the original version sent by author not the modified one. I am requesting a refund of the 70 credits used to purchase the bot.
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